Battle 1 ~ Fate Begins To Take Its Course

Battle 1 ~ Fate Begins To Take Its Course is an anime episode of Master of Martial Hearts that was released on 10/29/2008

Master of Martial Hearts Ep. 01

Battle 1 ~ Fate Begins To Take Its Course


A shrine maiden and a flight attendant are fighting each other in a battle to the death when a schoolgirl and her friend end up walking into their path. The schoolgirl decides to help by knocking out the flight attendant.

After the battle, the schoolgirl and her friend have a meal at MoeBurger, and the fighting schoolgirl says that her mother taught her plenty of martial arts. She flashbacks to a time where she beat up several boys in school.

The conversation turns to rumors about the "Platonic Heart," a mythical jewel that is supposed to grant any wish to any girl who claims it in a fighting tournament when the shrine maiden (who coincidentally happens to be named Miko) shows up and thanks the schoolgirl for saving her. She goes on to say that she prayed that one day she would have lots of friends, so Miko woke up one day to a text message from an unknown sender saying that she had been selected to participate in the battle for the Platonic Heart to have her wish for more friends granted. The schoolgirls both offer to be her friend instead, causing her to cry tears of joy.

The girls walk the shrine maiden home and she gives them some ceremonial cell phone straps to her newfound friends, but as the fighting schoolgirl leaves the scene she recieves a text message saying that she has been entered into the battle for the Platonic Heart due to Miko's "premature retirement."

As she sits on a swing in a darkened park, the schoolgirl spots the flight attendant from before, who dumps a bunch of money on the ground saying that the tournament organizers gave it to her for fighting preparations. But first, she has to beat her or the flight attendant will kill her and take the money for herself. First she shuts off the lights and uses night vision goggles to grab the schoolgirl in a chokehold, but the schoolgirl distracts her with a coin and knocks her back. Then the flight attendant reveals she took a hostage, the boy the schoolgirl is in love with, and threatens to detonate several explosives strapped to him unless the schoolgirl lets her guard down. The schoolgirl decides to take the beating for a few seconds, then as her clothes mysteriously explode from the force of the various kicks, she positions herself near the hostage and kicks the explosives into the air before they can be detonated before using her own clothes-destroying physics on the flight attendant, knocking her out of the fight.

The schoolgirl then summons a jacket out of nowhere and runs over to Miko's house, hoping to get some advice, but she finds that Miko's home has been ransacked and the girl herself is gone.

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Aya Iseshima ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Kaori Nazuka ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Trina Nishimura ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)


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Yoshitaka Fujimoto Director Yoshitaka Fujimoto is a Japanese director and storyboard creator.


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