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Bathing Scene is a anime/manga concept
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Bathing Scenes, while occasionally meaningful to plot or character development, are generally excuses for fan service.


Girls in a typical Japanese household bathing together.
Girls in a typical Japanese household bathing together.

Bathing is the act of cleaning the body and/or immersing oneself in a body of liquid. The purpose of bathing ranges from personal hygiene or relaxation and is almost always done in the nude. In some cultures such a Japan, bathing can also be considered a social activity and is socially acceptable to bathe with multiple members of the same sex.

The process of bathing also differs between regions as in Western cultures many people wash and clean themselves in the bathwater that is only used for one person and drained right after, In Japanese culture the entire family shares the same bathwater and it remains clean because everyone washes themselves outside of the bathtub first and then gets in the tub only for the purpose of relaxing.

Anime & Manga

Since bathing is a more prominent activity in everyday life in Japan, many anime series may have at least one scene where a character or many characters bathe as a part of downtime. Many different cliched scenarios come from characters at a bath ranging from serious conversations between characters to humorous antics involving the nude characters being peeked at by members of the opposite sex. Over decades a bathing scene has become an anime staple and many Ecchi series of today almost always have an episode dedicated to most of the cast at some form of Public Bath or Hot Spring.

Other Forms of Bathing


A Shower in Vampire Hunter D
A Shower in Vampire Hunter D

Showers are an average alternative to baths where the bather stands up over a faucet that sprinkles water down on them which they use to wash themselves with. Since they are usually quicker and involve no preparation they have become more preferable to some people. Places such as locker rooms are common places where communal shower rooms are located where many people at once can take showers alongside each and is seen to be a social event similar to how bath houses are. Showers are also commonly found in modern Japanese baths as what is used to rinse off and clean the bather just before they relax in the tub and not get the water dirty.

Notable Shower Scenes

* Vampire Hunter D

* Fairy Tail the Movie: The Phoenix Priestess

* Dragon Ball episode 6

* Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Bubble Bath

A Bubble Bath in Soul Eater
A Bubble Bath in Soul Eater

Bubble Bath is a normal bath that is filled with lots of carbonated soap bubbles. The bubbles are usually formed from pouring some kind of chemical solution in the running bathwater. The bubbles usually appear to be white and often helpful for bath scenes that require Convenient Censorship. They are not used much in normal Japanese baths and more often seen in western bathing. The soap bubbles can also be seen flying around the bathroom while a person is seen bathing as a result of the bather scooping some of the bubbles from the bath and blowing them into the air.

Notable Bubble Bath Scenes

* Cutie Honey opening credits

* Dirty Pair: Project Eden

* Dragon Ball episode 2

* Soul Eater episode 1

Skinny Dipping

Steam Bath

Sponge Bath

General Information Edit
Concept Name Bathing Scene
Japanese Name: 入浴シーン
Romaji Name: nyuuyoku shīn
Aliases Bath Scene
Bathtub Scene
Bubble Bath Scene
Furo Scene
Hot Spring Scene
Onsen Scene
Shower Scene
Skinny Dipping Scene
Tub Scene
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