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Bastard! is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Abigail is a former companion of Dark Schneider. Today he's following Kal Su in his attempt to awake the god Anthrax.


The god of destruction, waiting to awaken to finally destroy the world.

Bart Solee

Bart Solee is one of the general at the service of Kal Su. He's a braggart and show a great endurance.

Borguir Bol

Borguir Bol is one of the general of Kal Su. He's using a magic of shadow to conceal himself.


A devil unleashed from hell. He fight with boxing glove and show uncanny endurance.

Dark Schneider

A powerful wizard who once wanted to take over the world, but now attempts to save it.


Gabriel is one of the Seraphim. She's been rescued from hell by Dark Schneider.


One of the great general of Dark Schneider.

Ingweil Von Marmstein

Ingweil Von Marmstein is one of the general of Kal Su. He's the first among the equals.

Jo Noto Soto

The father of Tia Noto Soto. He's the great magus of the kingdom of Metalicana and a former ennemy of Dark Schneider.

Joshua Berahia

Joshua Berahia is the leader of the Samouraï. He's clearly in love of Kay Han.

Kal Su

The former apprentce of Dark Schneider, and now is dire ennemy.

Kay Han

She is one of the lieutenant of the thunder empress Arshess Nei. And she's an able warrioress.

Lars wool

Lars wool is the legendary warrior that defeated Dark Schneider and the brother of princess Sheila. Today he's trapped in the body of a tiny dragons.

Mac Pain Tony Shoot Raus

Mac Pain Tony Shoot Raus is one of the general of Kal Su. He's using monofilaments as lethals weapons


One of the seraphim who's coming to earth to punish humanity.

Porno Diane

A succube and demoness princess of hell. She's a devoted followers of satan.

Princess Sheila

Princess Sheila is the prime member of the nobility of the realm of metalicana. She is also the sister of the knight dragon Lars wool, the legendary warriors that defeated Dark Schneider.


Raphael is one of the four Seraphim. He's the more intellectual of the four and the more easy-going.


The master of hell himself !

Sheen Harry

Sheen Harry is one of the officer of thunder empress Archess Ney. She is a magician of some skill, and can invoke giant spider.

Sheila Eeli

He's one of the general of Kal Su. He's also a bard and a great friend of Ingweil.

Shen Kehr

Shen Kehr is one of the samouraï that follow Yoko. He quite silent and mysterious. He's also the only one to fight with two blade.

Thunder Empress Arshes Nei

This half human and Dark Elf child that was found by a man powerful Sorcerer Dark Schneider. When she got older she became his lover. Because she is half human and half Dark Elf she is a very strong Sorcerer.

Tia Noto Yoko

The daughter of the great cleric Geo Noto Soto and the care taker of Lucien. She was the one who freed Dark Schneider from his prison to stop the four Riders of Havoc.


A seraphim who's coming to earth to punish humanity.

Van de Rosstein Noibauten

Another general of Kal Su. He's the only one that use a shield.

Vaï Steabe

Vaï Steabe is the youngest among the Samouraï. He's also skilled, rash, and above all, in love with Tia Noto Yoko.

Yorg Fishis

Yorg Fishis is another one of the Samouraï. He's the leader of the patrol.

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