Basquash! is an anime episode of Basquash! that was released on 04/30/2009

The episode opens in the was episode 4 ended, with a ball flying across the city. It turns out that it was a dream of Princess Flora, who runs away from her residence in order to pursue what she’s feeling.

Meanwhile, a streetball game finishes, in which team The Worst wins. Madame lunar bust herself approaches the team, and proposes that The Worst battles Iceman, Sela, and Dunk Mask. The team, intrigued, takes her up on the offer. The scene shifts to the battle between Dunk Mask, Sela, and Iceman, showing that it ends with the cops once more. Haruka Gracia interrupted the battle to inform them that the cops were coming, and Dunk Mask was none too happy about it.

Haruka informs the three of them how their influence has changed street basketball. Rules have been established, and it has become like the BFB, but with rough play allowed. Haruka informs the three that they have fallen behind the other players of the game, since they’ve been battling rather than playing any actual games. As the meeting ends, Haruka takes Dan’s Dandon-Go for a tune-up.

Dan, anxious to find out if he’s better than the others, begins to challenge the other to matches, which they all turn down. Dan, paranoid as ever, thinks it was Haruka’s doing. Meanwhile, The Worst shows up and asks for Dunk Mask.

The scene shifts to reveal that it was the queen who let Princess Flora escape.

Back with The Worst, Dan is egged into a battle with The Worst, which will take place in three days. After a short physical scuffle, Dan is beaten up, cursing Haruka.

Back with Princess Flora, Coco inds her half-starved in the street, and gives her some bread. The princess graciously accepts, but runs off after Coco mentions the police. Coco, after trying to follow the princess, runs into her brother Dan. He mentions the battle, and Coco tells him that he should aim for a bigger future, which seems to strike home with Dan. He reminisces about his sister commenting on how much she likes him in a bigfoot. Dan then meets up with his mask-creature, who had been hiding in Haruka’s breasts. He informs Dan of the location of his Bigfoot, Miyuki’s grandpa, and his friend Ganz. The bigfoot now has a new control system, which utilizes an actual basketball in controlling the Bigfoot.

The Worst appear in the warehouse, and a 3-on-1 match seems to be coming, when Sela and Iceman appear and offer their help. They reveal then that Haruka has been talking with the mayor to acknowledge the streetball game occurring in three days. It seems, however, that they can’t wait 3 days, as they begin their match in the Bad Zone. The new allies seem to be having little trouble dealing with The Worst, as the new control system gives them excellent control.

The princess, nearby the game, was attacked by a gang, and saved by a member of The Worst. Dunk Mask used this as an opportunity to steal the ball, and initiated a plan to score by ordering Sela and Iceman around. For an unknown reason, people keep repeating the word Basquaska. Upon making a goal on the mayor’s roof, Dunk Mask yells out Basquash! As he falls from the goal and the episode ends, people from the moon take notice of him.

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Shin Itagaki Director
Shoji Kawamori Director
Stanislas Brunet Mech Designer Japanese Animator who is known for his mechanical designs for Basquash, Air Gear (OVA) and Oban Star-Racers.


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