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Basquash! is an anime series in the Basquash! franchise
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Known as Idol Yellow is the leader of the lunar musical group/street BFB team Eclipse

Coco JD

A character in Basquash!, Coco is the sister of Dan JD. She has been in a wheelchair ever since her legs were crushed by a Bigfoot as a child.

Dan JD

The main character of Basquash!, Dan JD is the legend who started the streetball trend. He dreams of going to the moon to heal his sister's legs.

Falcon Lightwing

A character in Basquash!. Falcon Lightwing is a professional BFB player.

Flora Skybloom

A character in Basquash!, Flora is a foreign princess who becomes interested in basketball after watching a three-way match between Dan, Sela, and Iceman.

Haruka Gracia

A character in Basquash!, Haruka Gracia comes from the moon with her famous Lunar Bust to help create and promote Bigfoot Streetball.

Iceman Hotty

A character in Basquash!, Iceman Hotty is a former BFB player who tried to destroy streetball, only to find that it's the style of game he's been searching for all along.

James Ron

A character in Basquash!, James Ron is a hall-of-fame BFB player.

Miyuki Ayukawa

A character in Basquash!, Miyuki is the childhood lover of Dan JD, and an avid mechanic of Bigfeet.


One of the three idols from the group Eclipse.

Sela D Miranda

A character in Basquash!, Sela becomes a Bigfoot Basketball player after seeing Dan JD's rampage in an official BFB game. She looks for strong opponents, as she desires a strong man's genes.


A skilled mechanic from the underground who has a grudge against Miyuki's grandfather.

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