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Basilisk is an manga series in the Basilisk franchise
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The beautiful right- hand Maiden of Oboro, also a skilled Ninja of the Iga.

Danjo Kouga

Grandfather of Kouga Gennosuke when he was younger he was engaged to Iga Ogen.

Gennosuke Kouga

The strong leader of the Kouga Ninja Tribe.

Gyoubu Kasumi

A member of the Kouga Ninja tribe, who has a strong hatred for the Iga, because of the death of his father.


A member of the Iga who uses Butterflies as a main weapon

Hyouma Muroga

As the second in command to Lord Kouga Danjo, Hyouma was assigned to be the sensei of Danjou's grandson Gennosuke, who was also his nephew since Gennosuke's deceased mother was Hyoma's older sister.

Jingoro Amayo

An Iga Ninja that can melt like a slug when exposed to salt.

Josuke Udono

Good-humored, a little dumb, and extremely fat; Jousuke hardly fits the traditional concept of the ninja. And as he proved with his interactions with Akeginu; he's also a bit of a lecher.

Jyubei Jimushi

A "living torso," Jubei lacks both arms and legs but is able to slither across the ground like a snake at high speed by flexing his chest muscles to manipulate the armor plates sewn onto the front of his tunic. In place of hands,


A member of the Kouga who's breath become poisonous during sexual arousal.

Koshirou Chikuma

Koshirou's prodigious talent was enough for his leader Ogen to include him among the ten elite warriors chosen to represent their clan of Iga Tsubagakure against the elite ten of the rival Kouga Manjidani clan.

Nenki Mino

Member of the Iga Ninja tribe, who uses his hair and staff as his main weapons against the Kouga.

Oboro Iga

The Beautiful Ninja Princess of the Iga. With the power of her mystic eye she is able cancel Ninja techniques.

Ogen Iga

As the elderly chieftess of the Iga Tsubagakure ninja clan, Ogen was ordered by retired Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu to lead nine other warriors in a duel against the chosen ten of the rival Kouga Manjidani clan to determine a successor to the shogunate.


Okoi is known to use her physical attributes to get the upper hand on her Opponents.

Rousai Azuki

The elastic ninja of the Iga with an odd shaped head, who claims his hatred of the Kouga make it shaped that way.

Saemon Kisaragi

Older brother of Okoi, he is able to change his voice and appearance

Shougen Kazamachi

Shogen has perhaps the most unusual appearance of all the characters in Basilisk. A bulbous hunchback, oversized hands and feet, and long gangly limbs grant him the agility and dexterity of a spider.

Tenzen Yakushiji

Tenzen is the oldest member of The Iga, and one of the most ruthless.


A brash and cocky young man, Yashamaru's favored weapon are dozens of strands of garotte wires called Kokujou

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