Barrygamon is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Barrygamon is the 4th Branch Head of the Gourmet Corps, Cookware Supply division.


Nothing is currently known about Barrygamon's origins other than at some point in time he joined the Bishokukai and became strong enough to be the Fourth Branch Head.


Barrygamon is a secondary antagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.



Barrygamon Full Profile
Barrygamon Full Profile

Barrygamon is a very large man, standing slightly taller than the likes of Toriko and with a husky and muscular figure. He has two very prominent fang-like teeth on his bottom row of teeth. He has short black hair and a full mustache and beard. He also wears his signature armor which provides him with greater defense than his already durable body gives him.



Barrygamon as well as comrade Bogie Woods seem to fear their superior Tommyrod who went as far as to threaten them with his Parasite Emperor beast.

Bogie Woods:

Barrygamon seems to share a rather neutral relationship to Bogie Woods. Neither being particularly kind or unreasonable to the other.

Story Arcs

Century Soup Arc

Barrygamon makes his first appearance at the summoning by Head Chef Kuromado. Barrygamon next is seen at Ice Hell, actually arriving before Toriko's group. He is seen lying in the snow covered in a thin layer of ice. He is apparently mistaken for a frozen corpse as it was not uncommon to see in Ice Hell. Bogie Woods arrives soon after, waking Barrygamon up from his nap so that they can retrieve the prized Century Soup. Shortly after that, the duo is joined by their superior Vice Head Chef Tommyrod, who sends some of his scout bugs ahead to Toriko's group. Eventually, Barrygamon's group catches up to Toriko's group, before they could recover the Century soup and a heated battle ensues, Barrygamon getting paired against Gourmet Yakuza Vice Boss Match.

Barrygamon is defeated
Barrygamon is defeated

He battles Match inside a cave but it is soon revealed that Match's swordsmanship was insufficient to pierce Barrygamon's armor. Match had one technique that he believed could work, but he needed time to gather the necessary strength to use it. Match's subordinates stake their lives to buy their Boss the necessary time. Barrygamon beats them nearly to death, but by the time he had done so, Match had gathered the strength need to perform his Full Exhaustion technique and in one fell swoop, he dashes past Barrygamon, piercing his body as he did so, and ending the battle.

Barrygamon survives though and recovers some of his strength rapidly, but in response to his superior Tommyrod releasing the powerful Parasite Emperor, Saiseiya Teppei who had come to help Toriko's team, released the nearly as powerful Hellboros beast and it swallows both Barrygamon and Bogie Woods. But to his fortune, Barrygamon and Bogie Woods are unintentionally rescued by an even higher ranked superior Alfaro, who annihilates both beasts in an instant, saving both Barrygamon and Bogie Woods from being eaten. Alfaro then orders Barrygamon and Bogie woods to return to their headquarters with him and to take the heavily injured Tommyrod with them.

Cooking Festival Arc

Barrygamon does not make an appearance for quite some time, but he is briefly shown to be among the invading Bishokukai members at the Cooking Festival, where once again he is confronted by the Gourmet Yakuza, as well as the Gourmet Knights.

Powers & Abilities


  • Niku Tataki Heddo - A simple act of Barrygamon slamming his armored head into the ground.
  • Kora Shirudo - Using his forearms which have more armor than the majority of his body, Barrygamon uses them as a shield. It could block Match's katana attacks with only small dents being the result.
  • Mince Crush - Another simple attack. Barrygamon punches the intended target. It was a hard enough punch to cause noticeable injury to Match however.
  • Mince Tackle - Barrygamon rushes and slams his body into the unfortunate victim.
  • Mince Lariat - A brutal concussive blow via his forearm, which violently launches the opponent back.


  • Oil Shock - Using his own body oils, Barrygamon secretes it all over his body, and combined with his body armor, it causes machine gun fire do deflect off of his body.
  • Anti Freeze - Another secretion from Barrygamon's own body. It dampens the effects of extreme cold, causing him to effortlessly withstand the temperatures of ice hell which could reach below -80 degrees Celsius. This is the reason he could easily fall asleep in the harsh conditions of ice hell without any stiffness, frostbite or loss of body heat.
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Name: Barrygamon
Name: バリーガモン
Romanji: Barīgamon
Gender: Male
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