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Baroque Works is a anime/manga concept
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Baroque Works is an evil organization created by the Shichibukai, Crocodile. Male agents are named after Numbers and female agents are named after certain days.


Created by the powerful Shichibukai Crocodile in his scheme to cause a violent revolution in Alabasta that will pave the way for him to take control of the kingdom amid all of the chaos, Baroque Works provides the cover for Crocodile to carry out his plans under the alias of the mysterious Mr. 0.


Baroque Works was created by Eiichiro Oda for use in the One Piece manga. It was created as part of the Baroque Works Saga that involves Whiskey Peak, Little Garden, Drum Island, and the Kingdom of Alabasta. It first appears in One Piece #62 and in One Piece: Volume 12.

Ranks, Agents, and Supporters

The Baroque Works is comprised of top ranking officers named Officer Agents, numbered from 0 to 5 who can command lower ranking members specifically for them name Billions, and Frontier agents, numbered from 6 to 13 who also have lower ranking members but they are called Millions.The agents are paired as follows:

Mr. 0 - Ms. All-Sunday

Mr. 1 - Ms. Doublefinger

Mr. or Ms. 2

Mr. 3 - Ms. Golden Week

Mr. 4 - Ms. Merry Christmas

Mr. 5 - Ms. Valentine

Mr. 6 - Ms. Mother's Day

Mr. 7 - Ms. Father's Day

Mr. 8 - Ms. Monday

Mr. 9 - Ms. Wednesday

Mr. 10 - Ms. Tuesday

Mr. 11 - Ms. Thursday

Mr. 12 - Ms. Saturday

Mr. 13 - Ms. Friday

All agents from 5 and above are ability users, and that is the one of the requirement to become Officer Agents.

Baroque Works Involvement in the One Piece Franchise (Anime/Manga)

Baroque Works Saga: Whiskey Peak Arc


Baroque Works Saga: Little Garden Arc


Baroque Works Saga: Drum Island Arc


Baroque Works Saga: Alabasta Arc


General Information Edit
Concept Name Baroque Works
Japanese Name: バロックワークス
Romaji Name: barokku wākusu
1st manga book: One Piece #12
1st anime episode: One Piece #62
1st anime movie: One Piece: The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta
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