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Baratie is the sea going, mobile restaurant that sails in the East Blue. The owner is Chef Zeff, a former pirate; and the former employer of Sanji.


A floating restaurant located on the seas of East Blue, the famous Baratie Restaurant is home to aspiring chefs who train under the watchful eye of Chef Zeff, who currently owns the restaurant. It is where Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Usopp, Johnny, Yosaku, and Nami meet Sanji, the ultra-talented chef who not only can dish out amazing food, but deal terrible punishment with his powerful kicks.


Baratie is a location that was originally created by Eiichiro Oda for use in the One Piece manga franchise. It first appears in One Piece: Volume 5 and in One Piece: Episode 20.

Baratie's Involvement in the One Piece Franchise (Anime/Manga)

East Blue Saga: Baratie Arc

After departing Syrup Village on their new ship Going Merry, Luffy and Usopp decide to give the small canon onboard a trial run while the rest of the crew becomes accustomed to their new ship. During their test of the canon, they accidentally shot and sunk a small boat which contained two men onboard. Pulling the two survivors aboard, Zoro realizes that the two men that they rescued are actually Johnny and Yosaku, two of his former bounty hunter partners from back in the day. Seeing their former partner, Johnny and Yosaku decide to team up with the StrawHat Pirates for the time being as the Going Merry continues it's voyage across East Blue. Realizing that he is missing a cook who can feed his growing crew properly, Luffy decides that they need to find a proper chef that will join his crew in his quest to become the Pirate King. Eventually, they find themselves approaching the floating restaurant Baratie, widely known in East Blue for it's great food and talented chefs.

Around this time, a Marine warship under the command of Captain Fullbody spots the Going Merry (which now dons a Jolly Roger flag that Usopp had painted earlier) and orders his crew to fire upon them. Seeing the incoming cannonball, Luffy uses his Gum-Gum abilities to absorb the deadly projectile and deflect it off into the distance, where it proceeds to slam into and explode on the upper section of the Baratie.

General Information Edit
Location Name Baratie
Japanese Name: バラティエ
Romaji Name: Baratie
1st manga book: One Piece #5
1st anime episode: One Piece #20
1st anime movie:
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