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A hot-tempered calligrapher moves out to the country to improve his craft, and ends up bonding with the villagers.


Based on Satsuki Yoshino's manga series, the anime adaptation is directed by Masaki Tachibana while the music is composed by Kenji Kawai.


For audiences outside of Japan, Crunchyroll is legally streaming the anime series starting on Saturday, July 5, at 12:00 Pacific Time for the following countries: Europe (excluding UK and Ireland), the Middle East, and North Africa.


Seishu Handa is incredibly skilled in the art of calligraphy, having spent most of his 23 years perfecting the craft. However, when the curator of a calligraphy exhibit calls his work boring, Seishu punches him in the face. Following that event, Seishu's father sends him to a small village on Goto Island, near Kyushu, where he can recuperate and improve his craft. While he stays there, he meets with incredibly friendly villagers and learns about not just calligraphy, but how to deal with people.

Main Characters

[picture]Name: Seishu Honda (半田 清舟 Handa Seishū)
Occupation: Calligrapher
A skilled calligrapher who works himself half-to-death while trying to perfect his craft. After punching a critic in the face, he moved (with his father's encouragement) to a remote village on an island near Kyushu.
[picture]Name Naru Kotoishi (琴石 なる Kotoishi Naru)
Occupation: Elementary School Student
A little girl who considers Seishu's house her "base" and constantly pesters him. Curious about everything that goes on in the world.
[picture]Name: Yūjirō Kido (木戸 裕次郎 Kido Yūjirō)
Occupation: Village Chief
A kindly old man who runs the village on Goto Island, and personally welcomes Seishu to his new home. Often amused by Naru's antics.
[picture]Hiroshi Kido (木戸 浩志 Kido Hiroshi)
Occupation: Highschool Student
The son of the Village Chief with merely-average grades who dyed his hair blond. After delivering food to Seishu on his mother's behalf, decides to work harder at his studies.
[picture]Tamako Arai (新井 珠子 Arai Tamako)
Occupation: Highschool Student, Amateur Manga-ka
A friend of Naru who also used Seishu's new home as a makeshift "base." Working on a manga to submit to a shounen magazine.
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General Information Edit
Name Barakamon
Name: ばらかもん
Publisher Kinema Citrus
Start Year 2014
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