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What's New:

  • Eureka Seven movie event confirmed to be the dub.
  • Hayate no Gotoku part 2 comes out in September.
  • There are some more Blu-Ray negotiations potentially in the works; this was in response to a question about "Gundam 00 and Code Geass." We're told to stay tuned.

 The Write-Up:

I was told in advance that there wouldn't be any announcements, so rather than liveblogging this one I'm just going to type this one as I go and then post it. We started out with more talk about the Lantis and Bandai Visual iTunes project,  in which they're releasing a variety of anime soundtracks and other Jpop CDs (including Jam Project's concert from last year's Otakon!).
 OH GOD technical difficulties! What is it, exactly, that makes those awful pop/explosion sounds come from speakers? It's not the high-pitched squeal of feedback, it's something different. I've never understood what causes it, much less what can prevent it. @_@ But now we're getting the Kannagi trailer.
Who the hell do you think I aaaaaam?
Who the hell do you think I aaaaaam?
We've got a separate trailer for the Eureka Seven movie evvent on September 24th, for which tickets go on sale on August 21st.  He also confirmed that this is the dub release, being done by Bang Zoom, of course.  Kurokami simul-DVD/Blu-Ray release (which was announced at Otakon last week), Code Geass R2, Gundam 00, Gurren Lagann-- always a lot of applause here -- Lucky Star OVA, Hayate the Combat Butler, which is coming out soon (July 21st). I love this trailer. It's all Norio Wakamoto's fault. Part two will be out in September! Glad to hear they're going to pump that one out.
You know, I want to take a moment to note, and I wish I could shoot some video of this (damn battery!), but there's a young man who hits up all of the anime and manga panels at Comic-Con who's hearing-impaired, so there's a signer who translates the panels-- and in many cases, the dialogue of the trailers. It's really interesting to watch them translate the trailers. Right now I'm watching him do the Gurren Lagann trailer, and the sign for "Who the hell do you think I aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam?!" is really cool. See, in sign language, shouting is approximated by exaggeration of the gestures.  Actually, I'd love to see some people do a full sign performance of an episode, really going all-out...that'd be really neat.
We're on the Ghost in the Shell: Innocence trailer and then True Tears (which just came out in its entirety this week), so I think we're nearing the end of the main part of the panel and we'll move into the Q&A shortly. So get your questions ready if you have any! I'm going to ask about Shigofumi if I can.  Sola is also coming out as a complete series in August. Freedom part 1 and Eureka Seven the complete collection are out this month.
Manga....Code Geass, Code Geass Suzaku of the Counter-Attack, Code Geass Nightmare of Nunnally....Gurren Lagann's first volume came out a while ago, and volume two is out next week. There are four volumes out in Japan so I guess we'll catch up pretty soon. The official manga for The Girl Who Leapt Through Time manga, which includes material not seen in the film, is also out soon, and a second printing of the Lucky Star manga (volume 1) is already in the works. Eureka Seven omnibus one, featuring volumes 1-3, is coming in September, and Witchblade Takeru's first omnibus will be out in November (the full two volumes into one larger volume). 


Let's see how we do this time...
Eureka Seven movie-- where in the timeline does the movie follow? It's pretty AU. 
  Why is some anime (Gundam 00) on TV, but not on DVD at the same time? And why does some anime get released subbed first and then rereleased later? The latter really only happened with Gurren Lagann, which was a unique situation. As for the first question, frequently the contract is that DVDs can't be released while the show is broadcasting. But that doesn't stop them from having online streaming, interesting.
How did the Lantis thing come about? That's...really not BEI's department so they can't really answer that.
With all the new releases, where do they get the ideas? Do they take older anime and refurbish it and make it better or do they start with new ideas? She must think that this is the production, Bandai Japan, as opposed to BEI, who localize it.
Code Geass season 3? Uh...not as far as we know. Anything to replace it on Cartoon Network? Nothing to announce at this time. Will Geass's music be on iTunes? No, but I think Ken thought he meant the show, not the soundtracks.
More Internet rumors here-- new Gundam series in November in Japan. Yes, that's true, but they don't have info yet.
Why do the dubs have such different translations from subs? (She actually said versus fansubs, which has disqualified her from a shirt. Apparently Napton got chastised for giving one out at Otakon to the guy who confessed that he only watched fansubs...okay, they did give her a shirt. Awww!
For the .hack movie-- why is it sub-only when the game was dubbed? Dubs are primarily for shows that have a broadcast potential, and they look at expectations for how a show will do, and they decide based on that-- not a formula, but case-by-case.
In other words, it's mostly the same questions we get anywhere. Someone asked if they'll license Summer Wars, from Girl Who Leapt Through Time's Mamoru Hosoda.
Why, in the Lucky Star OVA trailer, do they not translate the world "tsundere"? Well, they figure the people who are going to buy Lucky Star are people who'll know what that means, which is probably mostly true. People who don't know will probably mostly be watching at the behest of friends, who will have a fun time trying to explain it, I think.
There are still a lot of people who have questions they want answered, so I'm clearly going to have to wait on Shigofumi, but I'll get that answer! It's like, my new Big Goal.
They're currently negotiating for possible Blu-Ray releases of their shows-- those mentioned by the questioner were Code Geass and Gundam 00 I believe.
A bit about remastering- apparently when they were playing with the remastered Cowboy Bebop, they had to redub some lines. Interesting, though not entirely surprising.
There is NO information on a release on the Gurren Lagann movie. And they have NO plans for live-action projects of their own.
And that's all she wrote!
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We must ask about Shigofumi at all costs! lol
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The popping/explosion sound speakers have a tendency to make is usually the result of an amplifier of some sort kicking in.
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