And Bandai's announcement is...Kurokami!

Topic started by gia on Dec. 14, 2008. Last post by ganchan 6 years, 2 months ago.
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Well what have they tried, have they ever tried to get together a bunch of the fansubbers and ask why they are doing what they do and how to fix the problem?  I've also seen evidence that Adult Swim doesn't care about anime as well.  Code Geass and Moribito deathslots anyone?   Supposedly they are trying to cut anime out of their schedule overall for their own brand shows.  What I am saying though is that it is not in the 1990s where the main source for getting a show out there was tv.  Thanks to the world wide web TV is almost obsolete, however it is nice and I'm sure some people prefer TV over the internet.  It's just that AS doesn't have a monopoly over this anymore. Of course Family Guy gets more viewers and so do Robot Chicken. What I am saying though is that tv is now not the only medium and AS does realize that as they stream their shows.  Funimation airs episodes over their website and places like Live or the PSN.  If the prices get too high to air on AS, they always have alternatives.

 It still makes no sense to delay the DVDs as long as possible as noone knows how big the reimportation problem is.  If it's production problems and crap like that, then it's fine but the Japanese holding on to the license so they can sell DVDs makes no sense.
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Jarmel: Hm, I think we'd have heard about it if they tried to round up the fansubbers for a chat. Unfortunately the companies absolutely cannot be seen as condoning or permitting fansubs in any official capacity-- if people can't prove they know about it, they can ignore it, but if they do anything like what you suggest, they'd basically HAVE to do something legal if the fansubs didn't stop-- or they would be seen by the Japanese companies as not protecting the JP copyrights, which would be bad.

The Internet has changed things a lot, but unfortunately, TV is probably still the best way to try and reach a mainstream audience-- i.e. the people who DON'T hang out on sites like this, the ones who don't really know much about anime besides having watched a couple of things on [as], the non-hardcore fans. On the Internet it can be very difficult to reach outside of the hardcore fan market, I think...there's so MUCH content out there, and so many larger companies competing for those same people, I expect most anime companies don't have the budget to really try for the mainstream audience they hope to get from TV.

And...just because *we* don't know how big the reimportation problem is doesn't mean *no one* knows. There's a LOT of market data out there that companies are tracking, but they virtually never make that sort of thing public.
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I hope they don't think they can get away with just the premise of having "OMG SIMULTANEOUS AIRINGS!" and actually do a good job with it...
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In response to all those long posts, Id like to put in my opinion on this, which can be described with one particular video.

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Actually I am looking forward to this.  I read the first couple volumes of the manga and liked it quite a bit.
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