Balut is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 04/17/2011

Plot Summary

Minko and Nako prepare to eat their least favourite foods for breakfast (cooked by Ohana). But Ohana is nowhere to be found. The staff search everywhere for her. Ohana is being kept tied up in the Wave Room with, Tarou the author. Tarou reveals to Ohana that he really isn't a big shot author, and gets more depressed and angry at his own incompetence.

Ohana reads some more of Tarou's erotic fiction. It also features Minko and Nako. Despite the perverted nature of the writing, Ohana is struck by a particular line that Tarou has Ohana say in the story, "I want to sparkle."

Soon enough Tarou is caught red-handed by the other staff members. The staff relay the story to Sui. Despite the overwhelming evidence against Tarou, Sui insists on abiding by what the customer has to say. Tarou becomes more depressed as he overhears this conversation by the window. He then hijacks the Hotel's vehicle and drives away toward the shore. When the Staff catch up to Tarou, Tarou is standing above a high cliff, ready to jump off into the sea and drown himself. After some more self-flagellation by Tarou as he addresses the staff members, he jumps off the cliff into the ocean. Nako then steps up and performs a perfect dive into the water and rescues Tarou.

As Tarou is on the shore lamenting how he cannot even kill himself, Ohana goes up to comfort him. Ohana recites the line, "I want to sparkle," and says that Tarou revealed to her something about herself that she didn't realize. Ohana says an author should have a keen eye, and so Tarou really is an author. Tarou is moved and proceeds to apologize to Sui, and is given the chance to work at the Kissuiso to pay off his stay, which he takes.

The Staff, still at the beach, then have their long-awaited breakfast which, presumably, they packed up before they chased after Tarou. Ohana praises Nako for her swimming technique and Nako offers to teach her to swim, which Ohana gladly accepts. Minko, however is still mad at Ohana and doesn't like her. When Ohana gives Minko a bowl of spinach to eat, Minko eats it but shouts at her, "Balut!" Ohana has no idea what this means, but later that night, she discovers Minko's notebook opened on her bed. The notebook shows Minko's thought process for her new insult, "Balut" which replaces "Die."

Just as Ohana is about to go to sleep, she receives a text message from Kouichi. Kouichi apologizes for not saying goodbye and wishes her good luck. Ohana isn't sure whether to be happy or sad about this, but assures us she will do her best.

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