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Ball and Chain is a anime/manga thing
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A gladiator slave forced to fight in the arena by the Swamp Witch.


A member of the Maximals and a scientist

E-91 Kunoichi

One of the E-00 robots created by Dr. Eggman. She appeared in episode 17 of Sonic X.


A werewolf who was in prison for 200 years for ripping out the head Witch's eye, and claiming it for himself.


The manifested spirit in Marechiyo Omaeda's zanpakutou.


Lancia is a 25-year-old Mafia criminal initially mistaken as Mukuro Rokudo. Born on December 15, as a child, he was adopted by the leader of a Mafia family in Northern Italy

Marechiyo Omaeda

The lieutenant of the second division of the Gotei 13, under Soifon, hailing from a very wealthy family.


Mousse is a master of the hidden weapons fighting style. He is in love with his childhood friend Shampoo. He turns in to a Duck when splashed with cold water. He is very! nearsighted. Often mistaking trees, statues, other people, ect. for other people.


Rakuyou is a member of the Whitebeard Pirates and serves as the Seventh Division Commander. He fights with a large spiked-ball and chain.

Sentinel Prime

After inheriting the Matrix of Leadership from Zeta Prime, Sentinel Prime led the Autobots to victory against the Decepticons. He was later killed by Megatron and thus the Matrix of Leadership was passed on to Optimus Prime.


Voltron is the super robot that is formed by combining the five robotic lions and piloted by the Voltron Force.

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