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Bakuman. is an manga series in the Bakuman franchise
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Aiko Iwase

An intelligent woman who in middle school had a crush on Akito Takagi and assumed they were dating, but found out later it was a misunderstanding and he had no interest in her. She grew up to be a rival of his and has since started her own manga series.

Akira Hattori

One of the editors that works for Weekly Shonen Jump (Shonen Jack). He becomes Akito Takagi's and Moritaka Mashiro editor.

Akito Takagi

Akito is a gifted man who had decided to turn away from academic success in order to pursue his dream of becoming a manga writer. Along with his friend and artist Mashiro he has formed the team of Ashirogi Muto and become one of the best selling mangakas out there.

Eiji NÄ«zuma

Genius creator of the popular battle manga, Crow.

Goro Miura

An editor for Shonen Jump who takes over as Mashiro and Takagi's editor when they get Detective Trap serialized. He cares for his clients but doesn't always give the best advice. Also known for loving Gag Mangas.

Hidemitsu Ishizawa

A fellow classmate of Mashiro Moritaka and Takagi Akito. Claims to know everything about manga when he is an attention seeker.

Hisashi Sasaki

Editor in chief of Weekly Jump.

Ichiriki Orihara

The overactive and energetic assistant to Moritaka and Akita in Bakuman. He has been working with them longer than their other assistants, ever since "Run Daihatsu Tanto!"

Kaya Miyoshi

The self appointed "girlfriend" of Takashi who will do anything to help him make his dream come true. She is also the friend of Miho Azuki and wants to make her relationship with Mashiro come true.

Kazuya Hiramaru

A mangaka who made his fame with the series Otter 11. He is known for being incredibly lazy and constantly trying to get out of doing work.

Koji Makaino

Koji "Koogy" Makaino is a musician and mangaka in Bakuman who tries to become a successful mangaka through his popularity as a rock star.

Miho Azuki

Miho aspires to be a voice actor. She and Mashiro have pledged to get married after they've both achieved their dreams.

Miyuki Azuki

Azuki's mother and the highschool romance of Nobuhiro Mashiro.

Moritaka Mashiro

Mashiro is going to be a mangaka so that he can marry the girl of his dreams. He is talked into this life by his friend Takagi who plans on writing the manga while Mashiro draws it.

Nobuhiro Mashiro

Moritaka's late uncle who died due to overwork. Moritaka thought he committed suicide until he saw his work.

Ryu Shizuka

A mangaka who created the series "True Human" in Bakuman. He is classified as being quiet and having almost no human interaction skills.

Shinta Fukuda

A mangaka and the founder of Team Fukuda. Shinta left home after high school and worked as an assistant to Eiji Niizuma for Crow, then began work on his own manga titled Kiyoshi Knight.

Shoyo Takahama

One of Moritaka and Akito's first assistants when they got their series Detective Trap. He has since gone on to start his own manga series and dreams of going on to work for Disney.

Shuji Moriya

A rather serious and uptight manga artist working under Moritaka and Akito on "PCP." He feels that he is the most skilled one of the assistants, although he is constantly being told that his works aren't up to the other's talents.

Shun Shiratori

A young rich boy who doesn't know much of the outside world, but he is talented at drawing and joins Ashirogi Muto as their assistant. He goes on to start his own series based on his life with his dog.

Takuro Nakai

A man who has been an assistant throughout most of his Mangaka life, he views himself mostly as a failure and falls in love with women incredibly fast, only to usually be heartbroken.

Toru Nanamine

A young new Mangaka who grew up loving Ashirogi Muto's series, but now wants nothing more than to take them down. He uses a group of consultants from across the internet to come up with his ideas and views Manga as more cold logic and strategy than raw emotions.

Yoshihisa Heishi

The assistant to the Editor in Chief for Shonen Jump in Bakuman. He is typically seen as being the enforcer of the Editor in Chief's word but he does occasionally go against his ruling when he thinks it's best.

Yujiro Hattori

Yujiro Hattori is an editor for Shonen Jump and is an editor for mangakas Nizuma and Fukuda.

Yuriko Aoki

A manga artist who deals more with romance and fantasy stories. She begins as a very stuck up and sturdy girl, but then grows more loose and friendly as she meets Ashirogi Muto and her other fellow Mangaka.

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