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Topic started by Psychotime on Oct. 25, 2010. Last post by Psychotime 4 years, 5 months ago.
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Chapter 106 is a little bleh. I couldn't get with it. 

 It seemed to just knock out Shiratori's conflict with his family (pretty much just his mother) way too easily. As if there never really was a conflict in the first place. Sure, there's still ground that needs to be covered, I suppose, but the initial conflict I got from it is kinda done: He can go back home whenever he feels up to it, and his family except for one member is perfectly fine with his career choice. His mother seems to have softened slightly, herself, while she still has an issue with it. I really wanted this conflict to take more space in the story, because I actually found it interesting.
Maybe it's just the translation, but the whole "Manga is art" back and forth accomplished absolutely nothing. Did either side EXPLAIN why it is or isn't art? No. It was just a back and forth of "Yeah it is!" and "No it isn't!" Moriya being the worst offender, making himself look like the same pretentious idiot he gave himself off to be since his introduction, even though his heart is in the right place.
If the characters could go into a SERIOUS discussion and then determine WHY comics are an art form, it wouldn't be so stupid. The mother gave her reasoning (as blatantly elitist as it was) but no one seemed to want to take any effort in countering it. I really thought the characters I've been reading for 106 chapters would actually clear this mess up. But nope, they made it into a childish shouting game. If Ohba was trying to make it unclear so that the readers will discuss it among themselves, I think he can do better than that.
Moving on, the ending and the back and forth there really bugged me as well. Not so much the discussion, but how this current plot point just feels like the same old thing we've seen through this comic before. How much have we seen:
Mashiro and Takagi: "We're gonna to THIS now!"
Hattori: "You sure? It's kinda risky, you should continue with what you've got so far. It's not worth the risk."
Mashiro and Takagi: "WE DON'T CARE!"
Hattori: "Ok, if you say so."
I really like this comic, but it looks like it's slipping right now.
Post by Psychotime (53 posts) See mini bio Level 10
And with 107, the story's picking up again. Maybe Ohba felt subplot about Shiratori's family was a bad idea (I thought it was interesting) and just wanted to get rid of it quickly so he could move onto something more interesting.
Also, Mashiro's search for a new idea was personally just amazing to read.
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