Bakugan Battle Brawlers Concepts

Bakugan Battle Brawlers is an anime series in the Bakugan franchise
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Bakugan are Creatures that the brawlers use. Each Bakugan have different abilities, attributes, and forms.


Male characters that share the same parents.

Crazy Anime Hair

Huge spikes, multiple colors, gravity-defying ponytails... and it's probably all natural somehow too.

DVD Release

Anime episodes and movies released on DVD should be linked to this page.


Eyecatches are short scenes or illustrations used to begin and end a commercial break in anime.


Falconeer is a humoind-bird hybrid.

Fear Ripper

Fear Ripper is a humanoid Bakugan with large hands and claws.


Humans are typically depicted as the dominant species of the planet Earth, and sometimes of other planets. Humans often mirror their real life counterparts in terms of abilities and intellect, while other times they can achieve superhuman feats.


Juggernoid is a tortoise like Bakugan.

Manga Iconography

Common visual conventions seen in manga and anime to convey emotions, often for comical effect.


Mantris is a mantis like Bakugan.


Saurus is human-dinosaur hybrid bakugan.


Stinglash is a scorpion Bakugan with a head of a human.


Terrorclaw is a crab-like Bakugan.

Title Card

Title Cards are animated shorts or illustrations used to begin an episode in anime.

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