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Bakemonogatari is an anime series in the Monogatari franchise
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A precious odd ball Reviewed by Kino88 on April 13, 2014. Kino88 has written 18 reviews. His/her last review was for Gunbuster. 10 out of 16 users recommend his reviews. 1 out of 1 user found this review helpful.

Bakemonogatari, is certainly an odd ride, but of course odd could mean many things when It comes to anime. I feel an otaku's definition of odd usually pertains to something along the lines Of "FLCL" or pretty much anything One Piece related. In some cases however I feel A series could be strange purely by the way it's executed. rather than delivering an absurd or obtuse narrative Bakemonogatari actually has a fairly simple setup, a young man cursed with immortality comes across a number Of girls all with there own supernatural ailments. He helps each one of them via the services of a charmingly Ambiguous demonologist(of sorts), who provides all kinds of arcane knowledge with cryptic prose. Yes this is for a lack of A better term a "Harem", complete with a few rather amusing love triangles.

The plot is broken into individual arcs, And Each girl has there own arc, complete with there own intro's. The show's protagonist Koyomi is a high school student and formerly a vampire, he comes across a Long haired beauty named Hitagi, she was cursed by a wondering crab in her youth which for some reason left her body light like a feather, After Koyomi saves her life the two begin a relationship that sometimes culminates with a paper clip to the face, don't ask. The show flirts with horror, sometimes getting quite graphic, but it's all laced with dark humor as well, such as how Koyomi's immortality allows him to experience all kinds of brutal injuries that would normally be a definite end for any other Protagonist. Each arc has a clever twist or two and some of the later payoffs' are surprisingly well built up, There's definitely a strange one of a kind approach to the way bakemonogatari portrays it's world.

What makes this show so unconventional however would most definitely be its incredibly Frenetic dialogue which left me breathless and at times a bit clueless. This is especially problematic if you Live in the states, speak little Japanese, and have to read the subtitles at a clip that made my eyeballs feel Like windshield wipers. What a shame to, because all I wanted was to gawk unflinchingly at this shows gorgeous pastel color's and snazzy use of 3D shading effects, every episode is sprinkled with all kinds of juicy art house trickery and I could not get enough of it.

For some that might be a bit much, and a fair argument could be made That the show's style is more distraction than avant garde. However it's the blazing dialogue that will turn off people the most, so what kept me hooked aside from the aesthetics?. believe it or not the very dialogue that gave me so much whiplash, was also perhaps some of the most amusing snappy and down right devious writing I've Ever seen in the medium. Disorienting as it might be, the dialogue is every bit as charmingly cross as the production design. Bakemonogatari has lot of style, the showy art design and briskly paced dialogue may not Cast it's spell on everyone, I however am forever cursed by this oddity.

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