Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Characters

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! is an anime series in the Baka and Test and Syokanju franchise
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Aiko Kudou

Class A student with exceptional, "practical" knowledge of health class.

Akihisa Yoshii

Possibly the biggest idiot in the world (or so his parents say), Akihisa is the only one whose summoned beast can be corporeal.

Akira Yoshii

Akihisa's twenty-three year old sister. She has a Harvard education, E-Cup breasts and a sexual infatuation with her brother.

Hideyoshi Kinoshita

Class F student who speaks like an old samurai and happens to be a great drama club member, but has mediocre grades. On top of that, everyone in school mistakes him for a girl.

Kouta Tsuchiya

A professional voyeur and friend of Akihisa with a nickname awfully similar to "Mussolini."

Minami Shimada

Violent tomboyish tsundere who is also in love with Akihisa. Somewhat intelligent, but can't read kanji.

Mizuki Himeji

A sweet girl with scores rivaling the school's valedictorian, Mizuki is stuck in Class F because she skipped the placement exam due to being sick.

Shouko Kirishima

The representative of Class A, a longtime friend and Yuuji's girlfriend.

Yuuji Sakamoto

The leader of Class F who schemes to take Class A's room, but his plans rarely work the way they should.

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