Bad-Ass Dude

Bad-Ass Dude is an anime episode of Durarara!! that was released on 02/18/2010

Bad-Ass Dude Episode 7

Bad-Ass Dude (国士無双) Kokushimusō

As life in Ikebukuro continues for people, the word spreads that Shizuo Hiewajima is in a foul mood for some reason. As his friends try to cheer him up, his mood continues to deteriorate as he has a massive outburst on a reporter who wanted to talk to him for a story. Shizuo wonders how he got to this place in his life.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme Uragiri no Yūyake ( 裏切りの夕焼け Sunset of Betrayal") by Theatre Brook

Shizuo and Tom try to shake down a business man for money as Shizuo loses his temper and pelts the man with a sign. Shizuo solemnly admits that he hates violence as people notice around him that he's been in a foul mood lately. Simon, Tom, and Kadota try to console him but he blows them off as he walks through town to collect himself. He stops outside a movie theather as Shuji Niekawa, the reporter, approaches him about Yuhei Hanejima, the main actor in one of those movies. Shuji points out how he is a fan of Hanejima's and Shizuo should be proud sine Yuhei Hanejima is actually is little brother Kasuka. Shuji wants to interview Shizuo but Shizuo loses his temper and beats Shuji up with a lamp post. Shizuo begins to reflect his first time he did something that defied the laws of anatomy.

This is why you don't eat the last pudding cup
This is why you don't eat the last pudding cup

In a flashback, he explains that he first displayed his strength during an argument over something stupid with his brother, he tried to throw a whole refrigerator at him. However, being only a kid, his back gave out and he ended up in the hospital. Shizuo's explanation is that humans have some sort of mental block in their brain that keeps them from using their full strength on everyone because most people's bodies would break and shatter if they tried to grab anything heavy like a vending machine or lamppost by themselves, but he never seemed to acquire such a mental block. Whenever something or someone pissed him off, he would grab whatever heavy object he could find nearest to him and throw it at the offender. This resulted in him getting sent back to the hospital many, many more times over his life, but he continued doing it until one day when he accidentally crushed someone he cared about while trying to save her from some thugs.

Eventually, Shizuo became roommates and classmates with Shinra Kishitani and Celty, trying to go to school put the violence behind him. However, he had another classmate Izaya and he worked behind the scenes to continually send violent gangs to attack him. Shizuo had to fight them off with street signs, benches, and anything else he could find. Even up to his class graduation, he never stopped pursuing Izaya, but Izaya kept escaping from his reach. As the group got older, Izaya started doing shady deals with the Yakuza, Shinra became an underground doctor, and Shizuo found that his brother was slowly becoming a famous actor under a different name. However, Shizuo himself could never really find a job where he could stay, becoming prone to violent episodes quite often. One day, his brother came into his newest job with a couple boxes of bartender's uniforms, telling him to try and keep the bartending job this time.

While he did initially stick with the bartending, he was soon arrested by the police for a crime he didn't commit as he was framed by Izaya. Without a job yet again, he is approached by his old friend Tom Tanaka to work for him at a debt collection agency. Tom knows that is Shizuo's name is dropped in Ikebukuro, people will pay up. However, Shizuo sometimes gets head of himself and trashed the clients anyway. When he does hold restraint, three punks insult him and spill drinks over his bartender uniform his brother gave him as he beats them up. One day recently, he saw Kasuka on set filming for something as the two gave each other smiles and silent nods.

Celty helps Shizuo calm down
Celty helps Shizuo calm down

Shizuo finishes his conversation with Celty, who points out that he truly loves his brother. Shizuo scoffs at it but knows it to be true as he admits that he feels better after talking with her. Celty notes that she was worried about him as the two go their seperate ways, Shizuo running into Kadota and Simon and replying with a pleasant tone. Things seem to be a lot calmer for Shizuo now. However, he also spots Izaya and tries to give chase but ends up losing his temper quickly yet again.

The episode is told from Shizuo's point of view.

Ending Theme
Trust Me by Yuya Matsushita

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Takahiro Kishida Character Artist/Designer Animator who has done work on various animes throughout the years.
Takahiro Omori Director
Ryohgo Narita Original Concept Creator of Baccano! and Durarara!!
Akira Ito Art Director
Makoto Yoshimori Music
Akira Takata Animation Director


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