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Baccano! is an anime series in the Baccano! franchise
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A train to greatness Reviewed by ThePsychoGamer on Dec. 5, 2009. ThePsychoGamer has written 23 reviews. His/her last review was for Negima!. 28 out of 37 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 3 users found this review helpful.
Baccano tells the story about one train and the various groups that want something from said train, with a supernatural twist. While this may sound like a, lets say incoherent cluster f**k the makers fo a great job of making an inthralling orignal story.
Baccano is more like a collection of stories that mainly focus on people who board a train and how they go about getting what they want. plus the conflict it causes for the other people. there is no main character, but chances are you will pick have your favorite (mine is a tie between the two thieves, and Ladd, a psychotic killer). The main plot point of the anime is also kinda hard to pin down, it could be about the train, but a good point could be it's more about the immortals. The stroy is told by jumping to different time periods witch can make things a bit hard to follow. One last thing about the anime, it's really gorey, if you like blood, exploding heads, or limbs being torn off your in for a treat. The biggest problem with the anime is that it's hard to right a good reivew with out going in depth on each of the characters, something i'm a to lazy to do. All i can really say is go watch this anime masterpiece.
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