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Baccano! is an anime series in the Baccano! franchise
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A minor character in the anime Baccano!

Chane Laforet

A mute, mysterious woman, the daughter of the immortal Huey Laforet.

Chic Jefferson

Chic Jefferson is a man who "takes care" of people troublesome to the Gandor family. Is often seen carrying scissors.

Claire Stanfield

The Gandor family's personal assassin. Also called as Vino (the wine's name in Latin) for the bloody mess he leaves behind.

Czeslaw Meyer

The youngest of Baccano's immortals. He is as cunning as he is young.


A homonculus created by the alchemist Szilard to serve him. Eventually becomes paired up with Firo after a series of events.

Firo Prochainezo

Born between an Italian father and English-American mother, Firo's early childhood was mostly spent in Manhattan's Italian slums.

Isaac Dian

A thief with a love for disguises and comic relief along with Miria. He boards the Flying Pussyfoot with Miria to escape with the cash from their latest caper.

Jacuzzi Splot

Cowardly bomb-maker with a bounty on his head and a sword tattoo on his face.

Ladd Russo

An assassin for his gang. He loves nothing more than taking his work home with him. If he's not shooting you, he's stabbing you. If he's not stabbing´╗┐ you, he's strangling you. If he's not killing you? He's likely about to.

Lua Klein

The fiancee of Ladd Russo. She's actually okay with being murdered by Ladd someday.

Luck Gandor

Intelligent executive of the Mafia Gandor Family.

Maiza Avaro

A Camorra member and one of the original immortals.

Miria Harvent

Partner in crime with Issac and another source of comic relief. Miria boards the train with him to escape with the cash from their latest heist.

Nice Holystone

Best friend of Jacuzzi Splot and experienced bomb wielder (and seller).

Szilard Quates

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