BABEL’s Ranking Matches Begin

BABEL’s Ranking Matches Begin is an anime episode of Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero that was released on 08/24/2012
Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero
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As the school-wide ranking battles begin, all eyes are focused on Akatsuki and Miu. Even Kyoya and the student council are eager to show Akatsuki who's boss!
— FUNimation

Plot Summary

Zechs asks Phil if he can test his powers, and Phil demonstrates his abilities that knocks out several knights. Zechs remain standing, and Lord Baram orders Phil to head towards Akatsuki's world. Over at the Babel Academy, Kaidou greets Akatsuki and tells him to watch out for some tough guys in the tournament. Kaidou states that he does not like to show off. Myuu calls Akatsuki over, and Kuzuha states that everyone's eyes are on her because she and Akatsuki got into Class B on their first try. Plus, Kuzuha notes about Myuu's exposed cleavage due to her tight PE uniform. Kaidou remarks that Myuu is popular with the guys, and Chikage notes that no male students talk to Myuu because of Akatsuki's intimidation. Akatsuki greets Nanase warmly about their fun day at the beach much to Nanase's surprise. Kyouya asks Akatsuki if he is ready for the game and notes that Akatsuki has a good team. He greets Kaidou. Akatsuki is glad that he gets to fight Kyouya, but Kyouya states he will not be participating due to going to a summit as the representative of COCOON. Minami states that Japan is the host for this year's summit. Nanase states that Akatsuki should be worried about his next fight.

Miu's new, revealing outfit
Miu's new, revealing outfit

With Kyouya gone, Nanase asks Myuu for a word, and Myuu does not tell Chikage and Kuzuha about her conversation. A man goes over the rules and how scores are calculated. If one beats a person of higher rank, the person is promoted. Cheating results in disqualification. Chikage and Kuzuha explains to Myuu that their AD bands can change their outfit and weapons but cannot augment their abilities. Akatsuki's team change their outfits, and everyone stares at Myuu's revealing outfit. Akatsuki tries to protect Myuu from prying eyes, but he says the wrong words such as how his little sister watches dirty anime and likes to try sexy clothes. The tournament starts, and the girls beat one team without Akatsuki making a move. Kuzuha states that there are 38 teams, so Akatsuki uses his sword to create a giant impact that reveals a hidden group. Akatsuki yells out at a hidden team in the bush. The girls are overwhelmed at the sheer number of students, but Akatsuki defeats them easily. In a computer room, a teacher states the students' names for class B, and when he notes that Akatsuki's strength is of Class A, Nanase argues back. Ryouhei and Minami agrees that Akatsuki is strong which enrages Nanase.

Elsewhere, a building is seen scorched, and at a campfire, Myuu is worried that someone might spot them. Akatsuki tells them to create a bath using their magic, and after creating the bath, he tells them to go first. He promises them that he will not peep on them. Then, Akatsuki arrives to the bath to massage them. It turns out that it was the girls' imagination. When the wind shield breaks, Nanase and her team arrives to meet Akatsuki's group, and Nanase asks Akatsuki to go with her. Myuu asks her why, and Nanase blushes. When Ryouhei tries to explain, Myuu realizes that Akatsuki did something perverted.

Nanase and her team challenges Akatsuki
Nanase and her team challenges Akatsuki

Moments later, Nanase creates a space for them, so no one interferes. Akatsuki asks them about grades, and Ryouhei states that Akatsuki and his team will be promoted to Class A. Though, Akatsuki is wondering what they would happen if he wins. Nanase attacks Akatsuki who deflects her attacks, and Akatsuki still fends her attacks. Akatsuki chases Nanase and overwhelms her brute force. When Akatsuki has Nanase cornered, Minami and Ryouhei blasts Akatsuki with their magic. They tells Nanase to admit Akatsuki is strong, and then Akatsuki emerges with just one scratch. Nanase's team focuses their magic into their weapons, but Akatsuki nullifies their magic. Before he could swing at them, Kaidou blocks the attack, and he states that someone has broken through the barrier because students cannot sustain physical injuries. Then, Akatsuki and the others notice a loud explosion over in Myuu's location, and Akatsuki rush to help Myuu.

Points of Interest

Weapons Used

Minami uses a ball and chain.


  • Japanese Name: "BABEL Rankingusen, Kaishi" (BABELランキング戦、開始)
  • Opening Theme: "Realization" by Faylan
  • Ending Theme: "Ai no Sei de Nemurenai" by Aki Misato

Characters & Voice Actors

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Rion Kujo Director
Hiroshi Tsukada Character Artist/Designer Hiroshi Tsukada is the illustrator of Hagure Yusha no Estetica characters.
Tetsuto Uesu Original Concept Tetsuto Uesu is the original creator of Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Light Novel.


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