Azaka Kokuto

Azaka Kokuto is a anime/manga character in the Kara no Kyoukai franchise
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The sister of Mikiya Kokutou, she is a caring individual with a bit of brother complex. As a result, she doesn't get along with Shiki Ryougi very well, but she has the power to manipulate fire.


Azaka is the younger sister of Mikiya, having been separated from her family and adopted by her uncle at a young age. She developed an incest attraction to her brother while they were separated and would eventually become enrolled at Reien Girl's Academy as a teenager, becoming friends with Fujino Asagami. When she sought to reunite with Mikiya years later, Azaka came to discover a love rival in the form of Shiki Ryougi. Out of spite for Shiki, Azaka decided to take up lessons from Touko Aozaki to learn how to use magecraft in order to rival Shiki physically and mentally.


Azaka was created as a supporting character for Kinoko Nasu's Kara no Kyoukai novel series. Nasu acknowledged that Asagami had no knowledge of Azaka's family relation to Mikiya during the events of Remaining Sense of Pain and joked that if this relation was known to Asagami, events would have played out differently with the two getting in a heated battle that resulted in the academy's destruction. Azaka would appear in Ufotable's Kara no Kyoukai animated film series, being voiced by Ayumi Fujimura in Japanese.



Azaka stands at 158 centimeters (about '5'2"), having long black hair and blue eyes. She is dressed in her academy uniform while on the Reien campus and wears a white shirt with a red tie, a brown waistcoat and brown skirt for casual clothes.


Azaka's feelings for Mikiya give her a two-faced personality where while she acts as a model student toward others and plays the "good younger sister" figure to Mikiya, she reveals her true persona to Shiki and Touko where she is impulsive and agitated around them. Despite this personality, Azaka is on good terms with Shiki and the two have a good understanding of one another. However, the mutual love both have for Mikiya prevent both of them from acknowledging a friendship between each other.


Azaka winded up being contacted by Shiki to assist her in a job to track down the whereabouts of a magus on the Reien Academy campus making use of fairies to steal the memories of the students, with Shiki being the only one capable of discerning the fairies with her Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. While occupied in their search, Azaka would be attacked by Misaya Ouji and lose her memories of the events leading up to that point.

The two would come to learn of Misaya and Satsuki Kurogiri's plans to steal the memories of all the students on the campus and manipulate them into committing a mass suicide. While Shiki confronted Satsuki, Azaka would deal with Misaya as she made use of her magecraft to destroy Misaya's fairies and prevent the mass suicide from taking place. Following the events, Azaka would leave the Reien Academy campus to spend the day with Mikiya.

Powers and Abilities

Trained under Touko, Azaka lacked any talent as a magus due to lacking Magic Circuits. Despite this, she was able to learn ignition spells due to her natural ability to trigger spontaneous combustion. Through use of magical gloves called the Salamander Skin Gloves, Azaka is capable of casting pyrokinetic spells and would have an advantage against vampires.

Voiced by
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Ayumi Fujimura
Rank Game #820 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Azaka Kokuto
Name: 黒桐鮮花
Romanji: Kokutou Azaka
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie: Overlooking View
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