Ayumu Aikawa

Ayumu Aikawa is a anime/manga character in the Is this a Zombie? franchise
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Aikawa Ayumu is just your ordinary Highschool student. One fateful night, he was killed by a serial killer. He wakes up as a zombie revived by a necromancer named Eucliwood Hellsythe.


Before he died and became a zombie, Ayumu lived alone in a detached home a short walk from his school. While walking around the neighborhood, he meets a young girl in armor in front of a convenience store. Thinking that she was cosplaying, Ayumu asks her name but to no responds. He thought that she was homeless, so he gave her food and becomes acquainted with her. He later encounters the serial killer who has been haunting the area and becomes one of its victims, killed by a katana piercing through his body.

As he wakes up, he realizes that he is still alive under Eucliwood Hellsythe care. She explains the whole situation to him and uses her magic to bring him back to life but as a zombie and her guard. She then stays in Ayumu's house as a constant companion while Ayumu uses his second chance to search the person who took his life while keeping his true nature a secret to everyone who is familiar with him.


Aikawa Ayumu is one of main characters character who is originally created by writer Shinichi Kimura and and illustrators Kobuichi and Muririn, and he has no information on what inspires the creator to create him at this moment. His Japanese actor is Junji Majima, and his Funimation voice actor is Austin Tindle.


Aikawa Ayumu is somewhat just your ordinary teen. Despite being a zombie, he doesn't care much of his current status and wants to live a peaceful life. He has a good sense of moral values (even though he is a pervert) when it come to his friends. He becomes a brotherly figure to all the girls living with him especially Eucliwood Hellsythe . For example due to the fact that Eucliwood hates the word "Death", he will do to his full extent to protect Eucliwood and take care of her as long as she doesn't say "Die".


Ayumu's fantasies of Eu
Ayumu's fantasies of Eu
  • Eucliwood - Ayumu acts as a brother figure when it comes to Eucliwood, and Ayumu has fantasies of Eucliwood calling him "Onii-chan." Ayumu will always give her a good meal and listens to her request. He makes sure that she is always safe and will defend her in times that Eucliwood's emotions are in danger. Eucliwood doesn't show any emotions due to her immense mana but she thankful and happy that Ayumu is always beside her. In season 2, Ayumu's lazy persona takes control over Ayumu's body after Ayumu has lost his memories. When Eucliwood fight Ayumu as a Masou Shoujo, Ayumu's alternate persona makes Eucliwood flinch by stating that Eucliwood likes Ayumu.
  • Haruna - At first, Haruna finds Ayumu a pervert due to first encounter. After Ayumu absorbs Haruna's magic, she instructs Ayumu how to use his Masou Shoujo powers. As the series progress, she becomes closer to Ayumu. According to Dai, Haruna does not remember people's names well. Interestingly, she does not forget Ayumu's name. When Haruna spots Yuki and Ayumu are together, she beats Ayumu. It's assumed she did this in jealously since Haruna never confessed her feelings for Ayumu.
  • Seraphim - She acts a bit harsh and rude when it come to Ayumu. For example, she would insult Ayumu with names such as dung beetle when Ayumu acts like a pervert. Despite being rude, she is concerned over him and will volunteer to help her friends.

Story Arcs

Season One

While Ayumu goes to school, he cooks dinner and takes care of Eucliwood when he comes home. At night, he hunts for clues of his murderer. At the cemetery, he encounters Haruna who is a Masou Shoujo, and she is killing a Megalo. Then, he absorbs Haruna's magic powers in a fight with Haruna. Because of this, Haruna stays at Ayumu's home while Ayumu resumes her role as a Masou Shoujo. At some point, he meets Seraphim, and the two fight. Despite how much damage Ayumu has, he manages to knock out Seraphim and defeat her. Like Haruna, Seraphim stays at Ayumu's house because of Eucliwood.

Season Two

With life returning to normal after the defeat of the King of Night, Ayumu runs into a Megalo at school. Forced to don his Masou Shoujo at the sight of his classmates, he rescues Taeko and kills the Megalo. Desperate to erase everyone's memory of him cross dressing, he breaks Mystletainn. As a result, Ayumu's outfit rips to shreds in front of classmate. Ever since that incident, he suffers from utter embarrassment, and Orito wants some time to cope with the fact that Ayumu is famous for his Masou Shoujo thing. Meanwhile, Ayumu copes by talking to Chris who he believes to be a fairy and a figment of his imagination. After a while, he gets on with his life and spends time with his friends by doing culture festival. At the culture festival, Ayumu finds a strange man who gave him a gold ring and learns that Haruna has invented a device to absorb Eucliwood's vast mana. With Eucliwood and Haruna enjoying the festival, Ayumu encounters a Megalo that threatens Yuki's life, and he saves Yuki by putting the golden ring on her finger when the strange man instructs him. During the bonfire of the festival, Ayumu's teacher reveals sensitive information about the ladies who live at Ayumu's residence to his whole class. The teacher transforms himself into Chris who is real. After Ayumu accepts Chris's challenge, he has to find allies and train.

Powers and Abilities

Zombie Powers

As a zombie, he has augmented strength and can withstand abuse. Unlike humans, he is not limited to muscle power, and he is able increase his power. The amount is measured by the percentages he says out loud.

Masou Shoujo

Since he absorb Haruna's magic, he gains access to Mystletainn and become a Masou Shojo with embarrassing results. As a Masou Shojo, he gets the same abilities like Haruna plus his zombie powers. Combining his powers of increasing physical strength with the Masou Shojo can give him a powerful form called "1000% Mystletainn Masou Shojo Form". His outfit will get much cuter and will allow him to use powerful attacks without hurting his body.


As a zombie, he cannot withstand intense heat and sunlight. The sunlight will quickly cause Ayumu to dehydrate. When he is in intense pain, he will temporarily submit to it, but will then overcome such reactions due to being a zombie.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Junji Majima
Austin Tindle
General Information Edit
Name: Ayumu Aikawa
Name: 相川 歩
Romanji: Aikawa Ayumu
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Is this a Zombie? #1
1st anime movie:
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