Ayerton Grenavan

Ayerton Grenavan is a anime/manga character in the Nadia: The Secret of the Blue Water franchise
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A scientific officer aboard US warship Abraham; he claims to be an English nobleman who's going to inherit a large wealth from his family.


Early History

There is very little info about Ayerton before he appears in the show. His birth of origin is London, England and his date of birth November 15th, 1860.

During the Series

At the third episode of the series, Jean and Nadia first encounter Ayerton as a scientific officer aboard the US warship Abraham. He was sent on a secret mission to investigate the sea monsters phenomena (which were secretly the Nautilus and the submarines of the Neo Atlanteans). Then at some point after the disappearance of Jean and Nadia, Ayerton appears again. When the US warship encounters the Nautilus once more, Ayerton falls overboard during their assault and was lost at sea. He eventually makes his way onto an deserted island (later revealed as Red Noah) where he witnessed stranger phenomenas such as climate change, auroras, and the island’s gravity surface. Ayerton later encounters the Grandis Gang, who become shipwrecked after their encounter with Gargoyle’s aircraft. Ayerton tried to consume much of their supplies and was buried in the sand as punishment.

Ayerton Returns
Ayerton Returns

He eventually meets Jean and Nadia meet again partially buried on the mysterious moving island, completely drunk and telling strange stories. He even fabricated about the Grandis Gang as monsters. After Jean, Nadia, Marie and King reunite with Grandis, Hanson, and Sanson, Ayerton becomes a member of the group and learns of their adventures. While on the island, Ayerton falls in love with Grandis, and to strike her, he "pretends" to be an English nobleman who's going to inherit a large wealth from his family.

As repairs were about finished to the Gratan, the Red Noah begins to manifest itself and the landscape surrounding it begins to sink into the ocean. Once the ship was ready for lift off everyone managed to locate and save Jean and Nadia from a final cataclysm as they venture to Africa, where they hope to Nadia's homeland.

Their new adventure it a snag one night when Gargoyle's aircraft followed them. When the enemy aircraft shot the Gratan, it caused another hole in the balloon as it spiraled and crash landed to Africa. At first that they were captured by a native tribe but were soon set free and became friends with the natives. Their new alliance proved victorious against Gonzalez, who was causing trouble with the natives and later kidnapped King, Nadia, and Grandis. Afterwards, they traveled onward towards Tartessos, the country of Nadia's suppose homeland. When they reached a lake, Nadia begins to act strangely as she is slightly possessed by the Blue Water. While she was possessed, she managed to open an underwater passage from the lake and other underground doorways that lead to the ruin city of Tartessos where she explains her true origins about herself and her heritage from both Atlantis and the Neo Atlanteans upon her discovery from Red Noah. Despite the fact that she was not of this Earth, everyone still accepted Nadia because they cared for her.

Their happiness was soon short lived when Gargoyle and the Neo Atlanteans arrived via aircraft where they discovered Nadia. She sacrificed herself to become held hostage in order spare the lives of her friends. Gargoyle soon betrayed Nadia's trust and tried to kill them all. As everyone tried to escape the deadly assault, everyone was soon rescued from Electra, who she and the rest of the Nautilus Crew were revealed to be alive. Ayerton stayed behind on Earth with Marie, King, and Nurse Ikolina while everyone else took off for Nadia’s rescue mission in space.


By 1902, after twelve years since after the defeat of the Neo Atleanteans and the tragic death of Captain Nemo, everyone went there separate ways. An adult Marie informs us that Ayerton was really a noble and wealthy man, and eventually he returned to England.

General Information Edit
Name: Ayerton Grenavan
Gender: Male
Birthday: 11/15/1860
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water #3
1st anime movie:
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