Ayeka Masaki Jurai

Ayeka Masaki Jurai is a anime/manga character in the Tenchi Muyo franchise
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Princess of Jurai, elder sister to Sasami, and bitter rival with Ryoko for the affections of Tenchi Masaki. She is an elegant and proper lady.


The franchise's most memorable rivalry.
The franchise's most memorable rivalry.

Ayeka is the first princess of Jurai and older sister to Sasami. Most continuities of Tenchi Muyo depict Ayeka to be well mannered and traditional, but she can also be snobbish due to her royal lineage and angered easily if pressed enough. She has a rival in Ryoko in that both have romantic interest in Tenchi and compete for his affection.


Ayeka was created as one of the major characters of Masaki Kajishima's Tenchi Muyo anime, manga and novel franchise. There is no information about her character known during development of the series. Ayeka has appeared in a number of anime, manga and novel adaptations of Tenchi Muyo which include the OVA series and several spinoff titles. For anime adaptations, she was voiced by Yumi Takada in Japanese. For English, she was voiced by Jennifer Darling in nearly all animated adaptations except for Tenchi Muyo GXP. For GXP, Ayeka was voiced by Rebecca Forstadt.



While appearing physically as a 20 year old woman during the OVA continuity, Ayeka is actually over 700 years old due to being in cryogenic stasis for that long. She has long purple hair and red eyes. Originally, she possessed blue-colored hair, but had underwent a genetic manipulation procedure to alter her hair color. She normally appears dressed in formal robes with her hair braided up and wears a head ornament which is actually the royal key for her spaceship, Ryu-Oh.


Ayeka is portrayed as a well-mannered and traditional young woman who develops an attraction to series lead Tenchi. However, she can have a more aggressive side to her personality come out when provoked, which comes along mostly when putting up with the heated rivalry she has with Ryoko over Tenchi's affections.


Tenchi Muyo OVAs

Note: Some of the information included in this section comes from one of three novels written by Tenchi Muyo creator Masaki Kajishima called the Shin Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki! Novels, which cover details on characters and elements of the series not explored within the OVA series.

Ayeka's original hair color.
Ayeka's original hair color.

Ayeka is the first born daughter of Misaki and Azusa. Born with her mother's blue hair color, Ayeka was originally an honest and outgoing tomboy until she came to take notice of her other mother, Azusa's first wife Funaho. Admiring the calm and gentle nature of the woman, Ayeka started to become self-conscious of her appearance, personality and mannerisms to the point where she started mimicking Funaho's behavior and underwent a gene manipulation procedure to match her appearance to Funaho, an action meant to impress her fiancee Yosho who thought of his mother as the ideal woman. While not baring hatred for Misaki, Ayeka feels somewhat bitter that she inherited her mother's personality and tries to suppress her natural self to play the role of the perfect princess.

When Ryoko attacked Jurai 700 years ago, Yosho fled the planet to defeat the space pirate. During the attack, Ayeka was undergoing the selection ceremony to be bonded with her royal tree and spaceship, Ryu-Oh. Despite not being fully synchronized, Ayeka used Ryu-Oh to protect the royal castle, Tenju, from Ryoko's attacks, making use of the ship's three Light Hawk Wings to defend against attacks and succeed in hitting Ryo-ohki. Despite these feats, Ayeka still lacked full control of Ryu-Oh and was fortunate to be alive thanks to the power of her second-generation ship and Ryoko not fighting at full power as she was toying with the princess.

Ayeka alone with Tenchi.
Ayeka alone with Tenchi.

Desperate to find Yosho, Ayeka left Jurai two years later with her log guardians, Azaka and Kamidake, to locate Yosho. She was put into suspended animation for 700 years until Yosho was found to be on Earth. Learning Ryoko was also on Earth, Ayeka grew anxious to capture her, believing Ryoko was responsible for Yosho's disappearance. However, she is forced to live on Earth when Ryoko crash lands Ryu-Oh into Earth. Ayeka still held her vows in trying to locate Yosho until she learned that Tenchi's grandfather, Katsuhito, was her half-brother. She also later learns that Ryoko didn't intentionally attack Jurai as she was under the influence of Kagato's mind control. With Yosho giving Ayeka his blessings to make Tenchi her betrothed, she sets her sights on him and constantly feuds with Ryoko over him. However, she restrains herself from her affections upon hearing that her grandmother Seto arranged for Tenchi's marriage with Noike.

Tenchi Universe

Ayeka retains her personality and status of being among Jurai's Royal Family here, though she is from a lower level of the family and not the Emperor's daughter. In addition, her rivalry with Ryoko has occurred since childhood where both blame the other for their problems.

A fanboy's wet dream come true?
A fanboy's wet dream come true?

Ayeka first arrives on Earth upon receiving a distress signal from Mihoshi and comes upon Ryoko, where the two get into a heated battle that results in both their spaceships being destroyed. Despite this, she enjoys being on Earth (unlike her earlier hesitance in the OVA series) and falls in love with Tenchi at first sight.

While being chased down by Jurai forces, Ayeka is abducted by Kagato and is freed by Tenchi following the villain's death. She is forced to stay on Jurai as she must assume the throne for the Royal Family with Kagato's demise and Tenchi's refusal to inherit the throne. However, she later sneaks off back to Earth to reunite with Tenchi.

During the events of Tenchi Forever, Ryoko and Ayeka partner up to search for Tenchi while in Tokyo, where both come to discover him being within Haruna's world. After two failed efforts at trying to rescue him, both are discouraged with Tenchi seemingly rejecting him until Washu tells the two that Tenchi has come to terms with Haruna and is ready to leave her world as it vanishes from her soul moving on to the afterlife. With Washu only having enough power to transport one person into the world, Ayeka allows Ryoko to go after Tenchi and later has the two spend time alone together when everyone reunites in a celebration, implying that she has moved on from her feelings for Tenchi.

Tenchi in Tokyo

Ayeka is still a Juraian princess here, yet is shown to have explosive emotions at points within the series. In addition, her abilities are limited to creating force fields here while she allows Azaka and Kamidake to take on a combative role in her place.

Here, she teamed up with the Galaxy Police to go after Washu and Ryoko, who had stolen an artifact called the Jurai Light Stone. With all parties crash landing on Earth, Ayeka gets the upper hand over Ryoko in a fight until the space pirate injects the Light Stone into her body to overpower Ayeka. Intervention from Tenchi leads to Ayeka being saved.

While jealous like Ryoko at first with Tenchi's developing relationship with Sakuya, she does come to gradually accept that Tenchi may love Sakuya over herself.

Ayeka remains on Earth in later episodes of the series and is the first to realize that she and the girls are being unwillingly separated as a result of Yugi's plot. She assists Washu with uncovering Yugi's origins and fights to protect the Masaki household from attack, though is seriously injured by Yugi's minion Matori in the efforts.

Okuda Manga

Ayeka in the Shin Tenchi Muyo manga.
Ayeka in the Shin Tenchi Muyo manga.

Note: This refers to two manga series, No Need for Tenchi and Shin Tenchi Muyo, written by mangaka Hitoshi Okuda who based his work on the first two OVA titles of Tenchi Muyo.

Like other characters, Ayeka retains her background and personality traits from the first two OVA titles.

Ayeka gets a major arc in the No Need for Tenchi manga series where she is kidnapped and brainwashed by Garyu into being his lover and to try killing Tenchi when he realizes the princess's feelings for the boy are still suppressed in her memories.

Pretty Sammy

OVA Series

Here, Ayeka is given the name of Ayeka Takada, a high school student from a wealthy family and the class president. She has feelings for Tenchi Kawai and sends a trio of servants to observe Ryoko, who also has a crush on Tenchi. Both girls are turned into Love-Love Monsters by Pixy Misa that lead the two to be more obsessed with Tenchi until he gets his feelings through to the two and allow Pretty Sammy to them back to normal. Even then, the two still continue their rivalry for Tenchi's affections.

Magical Project S

For the TV anime, Ayeka is known as Romio, the third candidate to be Queen of Juraihelm. After failing to be chosen, Romio returns later in the series where she manipulates Ramia to aid her in her efforts to sabotage Tsunami's crowning as queen by turning one of Sasami's classmates, Eimi Date, into a magical girl named Love Me Eimi to drain the magic out of all of Earth and Juraihelm.

When the plan fails, Romio betrays Ramia by draining her of her magic via her NT system, which she uses to drain Juraihelm of all its magic and attempt to use its combined power to send the Earth into the sun. It is revealed that Romio was a former magical girl herself who failed to fix the balance between Earth and Juraihelm, leading the woman to develop a hatred for our planet. Her plans are thwarted by the combined efforts of Pretty Sammy, Pixy Misa, Rumiya, Ryo-ohki and Professor Washu's own NT System. After the destruction of her own NT System, Romio is dragged away by an angry Ramia.

Even after this failure, Romio still hadn't given up on her efforts to destroy Earth as she led an army of Martians to aid in her efforts at the end of the series as Sammy and Misa arrived to stop her.

Powers and Abilities

While not as strong as Ryoko and Tenchi in the OVA series, Ayeka still possesses the power of a Juraian as she possesses superhuman attributes, the ability to fly and the power to conjure up a force field that can be used to either protect herself and others from harm or restrain enemies and electrocute them.

Voiced by
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Yumi Takada
Rank Game #1168 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Ayeka Masaki Jurai
Name: 柾木 阿重霞 樹雷
Romanji: masaki aeka jurai
Gender: Female
1st manga book: No Need for Tenchi! #1
1st anime episode: Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki #2
1st anime movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love!
Aliases Ayeka Takada
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