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Ayato Kamina is a anime/manga character
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Ayato Kamina is the protagonist in the TV anime series RahXephon.

Background Information

RahXephon contains a large cast of characters, most of whom are connected in some way or another. Hence, a few explanations concerning the time line are necessary to gain a full understanding of the interconnections between the characters.

The story of RahXephon (on earth) actually begins in the year 1576 (the year the ruins of an ancient Mayan city called Copan were discovered by the Spanish) when a man named Ernst Von Bähbem started a trading company called Naacal. This company was later renamed as the Bähbem Foundation, presumably switching their focus from trading to investigating ancient ruins. The story then skips ahead to the year 1989 when two men, Professor Rikudou Shougo and his assistant Kamina Shirou, discover two young girls laying outside the Neriya shrine on Kanai Island. These girls are given  the names Maya and Quon Al Padis. This same year, Human Specimen Number One (Quon) is registered with the Bähbem Foundation who takes Quon into their care. Maya, on the other hand, is taken in by Rikudou as his daughter. In the year 1994, Maya discovers her true heritage when she goes through the MU Phase and two years later she leaves Rikudou's house and joins the Bähbem Foundation.

It is later revealed that Ayato's biological father and mother are Watari Shirou (formerly Kamina Shirou) and Human Specimen Number One, an event that came about at the behest of the Bähbem Foundation for purposes of experimentation.

Personal Background

Born during the year 1998 in the city of Tokyo, Kamina Ayato lived with his father while he attended a local high school. Since his father, a professor, was busy working and his mother was never around, Ayato usually went out with his friends from school, Torigai Mamoru and Asahina Hiroko. He did not care much about school, however,  for his real desire was to become a painter and in the year 2009 he entered the National Painting Contest.  Occasionally he would find a nice spot somewhere and practice painting. It was on one such occasion that he met a girl named Mishima Haruka and they fell in love.

Ayato in his room.
Ayato in his room.

In The Series

Around the end of the year 2012, an alien race known as the MU, or Mulians, invaded earth right above the Tokyo area. This event drastically changed Ayato's life, for during the following year in an effort to contain the alien invasion, a dimensional barrier was erected around Tokyo that cut the city off from the rest of the world. Hence,  Ayato is trapped inside this barrier which comes to be known as Tokyo Jupiter. His girlfriend, Haruka, happened to be on a vacation outside the Tokyo area at the time.
A shot of Tokyo Jupiter, the place ruled by the MU.
A shot of Tokyo Jupiter, the place ruled by the MU.

Thus the Series begins with Ayato inside Tokyo Jupiter. The Mu having erased the memories of his life before the invasion, Ayato finds his current world one of ease and simplicity. This stasis changes, however,  when an attack from a supposed foreign invader occurs and a strange women, who reveals herself to be Shitou Haruka, appears and promises to show him the truth of the world. With the help of Haruka( now 12 years older due to the time difference caused by the dimensional barrier),  Ayato escapes from Tokyo Jupiter and finds himself in a world that he had previously assumed no longer existed. Ayato eventually arrives the the headquarters of an organization named TERRA. Here he meets an array of people, all of whom he comes to know throughout the series.

While he is on Nirai-Kanai, Ayato takes up residence at the household of Rikudou Shougo and his two nieces, Haruka and Megumi Shitou. During his stay he befriends both Haruka and Megumi as well as some of the other characters working at TERRA. However, since it is ultimately TERRA that takes Ayato in , he undergoes various experimental tests conducted by Professor Kisaragi Itsuki, whom Ayato cooperates with even though he is torn by feelings of belonging and the assumption that the people of TERRA only want to use him for his ability to pilot the Xephon. Eventually Ayato discovers the truth of his identity, that he is a Mulian, and comes to question his own reason for being, for the outside world treats Mulians as enemies of humanity. Despite the problems he faces as a Mulian, Ayato grows both as an individual and in his relationships with those around him. Eventually Ayato comes to grips with his situation and realizes the truth behind the women he knows as Shitou Haruka, that he and her were once lovers. However, Ayato cannot escape his fate as an instrumentalist, one forced upon him by the Bähbem Foundation, where he will eventually lose his humanity in order to tune the world. Ultimately, despite all odds, his love for Haruka enables him to re-tune the world in favor of humanity instead of the Mulian world that Bähbem hoped for. Thus, Ayato is reunited with his true love and the world continues on as it should.
Voiced by
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Hiro Shimono
Chris Patton
General Information Edit
Name: Ayato Kamina
Name: 神名綾人
Romanji: Kamina Ayato
Gender: Male
Birthday: 01/01/1998
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: RahXephon #1
1st anime movie:
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