Awakening is an anime episode of Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ that was released on 04/02/2009
As the episode begins, shadowy figures talk about a man named Frank Claude, and how some group will be asked to "make a show" in order for them to announce their presence to the world.

An assassin drives up to a beachfront manor and shoots the guards outside, making his way into the house itself. He meets up with a maid with a gun who seems to recognize him, and a whole bunch of dead bodies. The two of them are pinned down by one crazy guard firing a submachinegun at full auto, but the man's survival instincts take over as he leaps out of cover and shoots back.

The show switches to a different time, where an unnamed man wakes up in a featureless room wearing nothing more than a pair of jeans and a hospital gown. He wakes up and trips over a backpack, and deducts that he might be a Japanese tourist from the contents of that backpack, but can't remember anything else about himself other than what he looks like. He makes use of a nearby pipe to break out of the room and starts looking for answers.

Meanwhile, some people appear to be watching him through hidden cameras in the building, and decide to send their "Phantom" to test his skills further. A masked girl appears right behind the amnesiac, telling him that he has no choice but to fight. As she fires several rounds from her pistol, the man dodges the bullets and runs away. Elsewhere, the blonde-haired Claudia McCunnen drives up to the trailer where the people are watching. It is revealed that she represents the "Inferno" organization, which appears to have a controlling interest in the results of this test.

The amnesiac eventually finds a place to rest and watch for the attacker, but the enemy somehow sneaks up behind him and fires a few more shots before he finally decides to fight back. The woman shoots the lead pipe out of his hands, then drops the gun and unveils a pair of knives. She tosses one to him, then immediately starts to fight. The man backs off, but his arm gets cut. The woman tells him to get serious or she will kill him. The man reflects on that, saying that he can't remember anything, but also doesn't want to die.

The man tries fighting back again. Even though the woman disarms him, he rolls up his hospital gown over his right arm, catches the attacker's knife with it, and then falls on top of her. He wrests the knife free and cuts off the mask of the attacker to discover the face of the young woman behind it. The man spares her life and manages to find an exit, only to discover that the building is in the middle of nowhere. The woman then appears behind him again, and shoots him with a tranquilizer dart. As he lapses into unconsciousness, she says she is called "Ein", and he will be called Zwei. The watchers from before show up, and declare the test a success.

The show switches back to the present, where Ein and Zwei successfully kill all of the guards in the mansion just as their target arrives via helicopter. Ein plays her maid role for another moment while Zwei shoots the guards from behind, then Ein puts a bullet through Frank Claude's head, followed by an explosion from the helicopter.

The Inferno organization opens the curtains of their darkened hotel room, revealing their goal of eliminating the competition in this important location: Las Vegas.

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Koichi Mashimo Director


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