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All the pain and suffering that life has 'given' to Makoto has to stop, it must end. Makoto can no longer take 'life', nothing ever seems to go right for him in any sense. Being hurt with no one to comfort him or no one to care, life shouldn't draw in so many bad experiences, should it?

Makoto goes through this daily with slash marks on his arms and bruises all over his body, that his parents 'gave' him and with one more pill to go just to end it all. His world collapses around him, and it is at this point that his spirit separates itself and allows him to go freely without any physical restraints, anywhere he chooses. Meanwhile, his physical body just lives the motions of daily life, oblivious to his school surroundings, seeing people he barely knows or wants to know. So he refers to them as they 'want' to be.

"The sexy girl, who knows everybody would give just about everything to be with her. How does she hold on to that popularity? Alongside the sexy girl is the geek, who follows like a dog, just wanting to be known, and for what? The rapper who sees both the sexy girl and the geek has only time to deliver his line. What about me? You think I'm doing fine? Not too far behind the rapper do I see the bully, just showing up to beat me and everyone else up to collect his respect, I wonder how long he can keep that up? Before he realizes he's being used? Not even the head teacher does anything about him, even though he displays his power of authority. Do you think I care? I gave that up a long time ago. Finally we have the entrepreneur who controls the entire school, he earns more money than the teachers and knows more too. Can't really say much about him though."

Makoto's spirit body explores the vastness to the world and beyond. Seeing unmarked continents on world maps, seeing rivers and clouds on the moon, to underground civilizations to an inner earth. Makoto's guide is a spirit, Ramachi, who knows that although we live on one planet, there are many 'worlds' here, including 'your own'.

Makoto joins his physical counterpart, to himself seeing how his education is limited to what is known to the world he lives in. He confronts his teachers, with laughter and ridicule thrown back at him with his recent

"How can they all be stupid?"

"Because they are told and then they tell you and then you tell everybody else?"

"Will they ever learn the truth?"

"You've missed the point..."

Offical Outline by Dimensional l Manga.
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New Soul
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English Name Awakened Soul
Japanese Name:
Publisher Dimensional Manga
Start Year 9
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