How long before Japan gets to animate Avengers?

Topic started by MutenRoshi on July 4, 2011. Last post by EganTheVile1 2 years, 6 months ago.
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So far we have Anime of Blade (Spider-Man character), Wolverine (X-men character), Ironman (Avengers character) the Xmen themselves in anime 
 Japanese video game companies doing most Marvel characters 
A Joss Whedon film in the works 
Where are the Avengers? 
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@MutenRoshi said:

So far we have Anime of Blade (Spider-Man character)

Blade is not a Spider-Man character, that association is only from the 1990's Spider-Man animated series, Blade has next to no ties to Spidey in the comics, I wont go as far as to they never teamed up, they probably did, but not in any memorable way outside Blade's appearances in Spider-Man the animated series. If Blade is tied to any group of Marvel heroes it is Ghost Rider and the Midnight Sons/The Nightstalkers and other Marvel horror characters, not Spidey. As for an Avengers anime, I would not hold your breath, the current Disney Avengers animated series is still running strong and introducing new characters into the series including Spidey and Wolverine.
The biggest issue is that Disney seems to be phasing out other companies hold over Marvel characters. For a long time since the 90's Marvel animated universe, Wolverine and Spider-Man could not appear in the same series due to a spider's web of legal holdings which isolated any Marvel character not directly from the X-Men comics from appearing in an X-Men related series with the exception of Hulk and vice versa. Disney has since gradually phased out these legal tie-ups, a few years ago Punisher could never have even been mentioned in passing in an episode of Iron Man Armored Adventures, he could not even be included in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 or 2. Marvel made a mess of it's properties when they began to sell off rights the last decade for movie purposes, but Disney, who we Marvel fans hated the idea of buying Marvel a few years ago have been cleaning up that mess.
Unfortunately, the Marvel anime may be dead, or on hold for now. Disney seems to be phasing out any Marvel animated property that does not air on one of their cable channels including Iron Man Armored Adventures on Nicktoons and the Marvel Anime on G4.
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