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Avatar: The Last Airbender is an anime series in the Avatar franchise
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Avatar The Last Airbender Reviewed by Newdeath on April 23, 2010. Newdeath has written 11 reviews. His/her last review was for Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. 66 out of 74 users recommend his reviews. 14 out of 18 users found this review helpful.
A show clearly influenced by anime Avatar: The Last Airbender is an amazing animated television series. The brief description of the story is that The Fire Nation a country of people with the ability to project or rather bend fire have launched the genocide of the Air Nomads a group of nomadic people with the ability to control air/wind. This genocide was done in order to kill the Avatar the spirit of the Earth (a being capable of bending all four elements, fire, earth, water and air) who was reborn as an Air Nomad. The once peaceful Fire Nation had forever been changed due to Fire Lord Sozin beginning a quest to kill the Avatar the only being who will stop him from attaining world conquest. When Sozin died his sons were tasked with killing the Avatar. The series stars a goofy yet powerful Air Nomad named Aang who obviously is the Avatar. He is found in a glowing iceberg while in the Avatar State by two siblings of the Water Tribe, Katara (A waterbender) and Sokka (A non-bender). Thawing Aang out they discovered that he was an Air Nomad and the Avatar.  
The show refers to its "Seasons" as "Books" and there are 3 books in total. Aang later faces the reality that he must face the tyrannical Fire Lord (Ozai) in combat and defeat him to maintain the balance of the Earth as it is his job as the Avatar. Aang is an extremely skilled Air Nomad however he needs to master the other 3 three bending arts so that he may defeat the Fire Lord. Book 1 focuses on Aang learning how to waterbend and during Book 1 we get a glimpse of him in the Avatar State and later on we see him invoke the power of the Ocean Spirit while in the Avatar State during the closing end of Book 1. In Book 1 the son of the Fire Lord, Zuko is introduced as the main antagonist however he seems more confused and filled with inner turmoil than being truly evil. His desire to capture the Avatar is stemmed from his need to gain his father's acceptance. We also get a glance at Zuko's evil sister Azula.  
This show has extremely good animation with absolutely no flaws, the story is perfect and complex and it is all together a very original series. Book 2 introduces Azula and her cronies as the main antagonists and it also begins with Aang needing an earthbending teacher and later meets the blind earthbender Toph who becomes his teacher. Book 2 also focuses on the fall of the Earth Kingdom's capital Ba Sing Se at the hands of the Fire Nation. It is also noted that the officers of Ba Sing Se brainwash their people into believing that there is no war occurring with the Fire Nation in attempt to keep the peace. Zuko also has a change of heart in this season but ultimately abandons his loving Uncle Iroh for his father Ozai.
Book 3 starts with the Fire Nation's victories and we see that the calm and cynical Azula has a fragile psyche revealing repressed feelings about her lost mother. Zuko also changes becoming more of a hero and later joins the Avatar and his friends in their mission to stop the Fire Nation. When Azula is ultimately abandoned by her cronies who see the error of their ways we see that Azula finally snaps and begins descending into mental insanity constantly showing mental instability and ridiculous paranoia as well as hallucinations of her mother. Aang is also in the search for a firebending teacher and later finds one in Zuko. Iroh later reunites with Zuko and the two prepare themselves to stop the Fire Nation with the help of Team Avatar.
The series finale was made into a movie called Sozin's Comet as Aang and his friends fight the Fire Nation during the arrival of Sozin's Comet that enhances firebenders' abilities. Iroh and the Order Of The White Lotus free Ba Sing Se while Zuko fights Azula who finally breaks down and is reduced to a feral state while Aang defeats Ozai. This series was extremely impressive and I would give it a perfect 5/5.
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