Avalon is an anime episode of Tears to Tiara that was released on 04/26/2009
The episode opens with a flashback to Lord Arawn’s past. Arawn and the Elf King Pwyll stand together on a cliff under a starry sky. Arawn says that the two of them have made it this far and that they shall live and meet again. Pwyll asks if they should swear by those words the final battle they are about to undertake. Arawn tells him they shall swear by the new kingdom that they will build together.

The Gaelians reach land and Ogam tells Arthur they shall make their way first to the castle of Avalon. On the way, Riannon, Arthur, Ogam, Arawn, and Morgan discuss the existence of elves. Arthur expresses to Ogam his concern about space for the tribe to settle. He asks if the master of Avalon will agree to his request for land. Ogam says he might not accept the request; he poses the question to Arawn who actually is the masters of Avalon. Arawn casually accepts Arthur’s request.

The castle comes into sight. Fog surrounds the castle, and moss covers the outer gate. Arawn says that this is the Gate of Life. Arawn asks Arthur what should be their next course of action. Arawn tells him that it is his decision whether or not the tribe shall walk through the gate. Passing through the gate will seal their fate. The Empire will seek to conquer Albion, and the tribe will face long years of war. Arthur firmly states that the tribe has no regrets about their actions. They will always fight until they win against their enemy.

Arawn satisfied with Arthur’s response awakens the castle from its slumber and commands the gate to open. A beautiful city is revealed. In the courtyard, two young girls are roasting apples by a small fire. The older girl with brown hair is named Limwris, and the younger girl with pink hair is named Ermin. They greet the arriving party and recognize Ogam. They recognize Arawn and pay their respects to him. Ogam asks the two girls to prepare some roast apples for the group to eat. He reveals that the two girls are house elves. Limwris talks to Ogam and asks if Arthur is a descendent of Pwyll. Arawn confirms her thoughts. Limwris bows before Arthur and apologizes for not recognizing his lineage. Arthur pardons her. Arawn adds that Riannon is Arthur’s sister and by extension, a descendent of Pwyll. Limwris is overwhelmed by the information.

Arawn meets in a room in the castle with Arthur, Riannon, Morgan, and Ogam. Morgan informs him that they are going to go hunting. Arthur tells Arawn, that as chief, he must lead the hunt. Arawn takes Arthur to the armory to gather weapons. They are caught inside an elven magic circle and cannot move. The elf who guards the armory appears. She introduces herself as Epona and calls Arawn and Arthur thieves. Arawn orders her to dispel the barrier; Epona refuses and attacks them with more magic. Arawn tells her who he is, but she doesn’t believe him. She moves to physically attack him but is quickly defeated and humbled.

The tribe ventures out to the beach looking for game to hunt. Epona pulls out a crab flute which if blown, will summon crabs. Morgan overzealously blows the flute and every crab on the beach appears--these crabs are especially large. Arawn orders the start of the hunt. The crabs caught are turned into a soup and the entire tribe eat their fill.

Arawn wanders off to a cliff and notices a monument that was not there before. Riannon joins him and comments that the red twilight before sunset are the tears of the god Myrridin. She tells Arawn the legend of how Myrridin brought fire to the humans and was punished for doing so. She says that is the reason why they must think of and pray for him. Arawn tells her that Myrridin is no longer suffering, adding that he knew Myrridin a long time ago. The two return to the tribe. Arthur and Riannon discuss their impressions of the island with Arawn. The episode ends sinister site of Empire ships crossing the sea towards the island.

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