Attack is an anime episode of Btooom! that was released on 11/01/2012

A pantless corpse floats by Taira and Sakamoto while they are eating lunch. When Sakamoto leaves to investigate he finds gruesome scene and a familiar figure.

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Plot Summary

Akechi's dead body
Akechi's dead body

By the river, Taira enjoys the ramen, and Ryouta joins in. Ryouta remembers his battle with Kira, and Taira thanks Ryouta for saving him. Taira sobs over the ordeal, and Ryouta admires him. Ryouta wonders why he came to this island. Back at Ryouta's home, a man (Hisanobu) comes home to see Yuki in the bathtub with her hand slit and bleeding in the bathtub. Yukie states that she did something awful and comments that she knows that her husband is laid off. She apologizes to her husband and Ryouta. Back at Btooom island, Taira and Ryouta finds a body (Akechi's) floating down the river. Ryouta goes up the waterfall to investigate. Meanwhile, Taira takes the sonar chip from Akechi's body and goes to hide in the bushes. Ryouta finds the dead body of Isamu (not revealed but implied) by a tree. He notices the chip is gone, and Ryouta uses his radar. He spots a girl by the cliff, and he wonders if Himiko killed the man. Himiko throws a BIM that unleashes a gas that scorches the foliage and the surroundings.

Himiko: All men are my enemies!
Himiko: All men are my enemies!

Outside of the forest, Ryouta finds himself exposed to Himeko who successively lured him out of the opening. He tries to reason with Himiko who disarm her bomb. When Ryouta walks towards her, Himiko activates her bomb and announces that all men are her enemies. She throws the bomb that misses Ryouta, and Ryouta charges at Himiko. He dodges Himiko's taser, and the two stop to catch their breath. Himiko tells Ryouta that she is Japanese when Ryouta wonders about her nationality. Ryouta falls over, and Himiko tases Ryouta. He kicks Himiko who tases the briefcase which electrocutes her. Ryouta tries to wake her up, but he could not. He takes Himiko's weapons which feels like he is taking off her clothes. Ryouta gives in temptations and lifts off Himiko's skirt. He blushes as he catches a quick look at her pink panty and quickly puts the skirt down. Ryouta wonders why he did that, and he thinks the man attacked Himiko earlier. Himiko wakes up to see Ryouta carrying him after having another nightmare where Mitsuo rapes her. She activates a timer bomb before being raped and killed. Ryouta deactivates the timer BIM much to Himiko's surprise. Himiko cries her heart out.

Taira tries cheer up Himiko
Taira tries cheer up Himiko

That night, Taira offers coffee to Himiko, and the two men see Himiko about to shed some more tears. Taira promises that they won't hurt Himiko. When Taira states that they will get back alive, Himiko tells them there will be nothing for them back at home. She states that people nominate them to die here on this island, people they know. Taira states he has a good relationship with his family, but he thinks one of his customers nominate him. Himiko recalls Miho who nominate her to disappear out of anger. Ryouta thinks that his own mother nominate him to die on this island. Taira tells them not to give up and that they will fix things back home. Suddenly, something moves in the bushes, and Ryouta picks up nothing in his radar. Taira uses a flashlight, and everyone sees Komodo Dragons approaching them.

Points of Interest

  • A recap plays what has happened so far along with most of the combatants.
  • Hisanobu is not Ryouta's real father.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Flashbacks of Akechi's attempted rape is toned down in the anime compared to the manga.
  • The manga has remnants of Himiko's past and reveals in chapter 33-35.


  • Japanese Name: 世界ランカー
  • Manga Chapter: 13 - 17 (Volume 2-3)
  • Opening Theme: "No Pain, No Game" by Nano
  • Closing Theme: "Aozora (Blue Skies)" by May'n

Characters & Voice Actors

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