Attack on Titan Concepts

Attack on Titan is an manga series in the Attack on Titan franchise
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104th Trainee Corps

104th Trainee Corps is a squad in the Attack on Titan franchise.

Ape Titan

Not much is known from the Ape Titan other then his power of speech and ape like features.

Armored Titan

Armored Titan is Reiner Braun's Titan form.

Attack on Titans Military

Attack on Titans Military is an military entity in the Attack on Titans franchise.

Colossal Titan

Colossal Titan is one of the largest Titans. It attacked Shiganshina district and allowed the Titans to come in.

Dancing Titan

Ymir Becomes the Dancing Titan when defending Christa in the Castle Utgard.

Eren Jaeger's Squad

Eren Jaeger's Squad is a group of soldiers in the Attack on Titan franchise.

Female Titan

Female Titan is Annie Leonhardt's Titan form.


Used frequently in Anime to either recap past events or provide a back story for a character, either their origin story or their off-screen training of new attack. Sometime and entire episode/chapter would be a entire flashback.

Limited Edition Manga

Limited Edition Manga are special tankobon volumes that are bundled with OVAs, CDs, DVDs, or any special product for fans.


A woman who has given birth to or raised a child.

Rivaille's Special Operations Squad

Rivaille's Special Operations Squad is composed of Rivaille's hand picked soldiers. They are assigned to protect Eren.


Titans are a mysterious race that hunts only humans for food and pleasure.


Specialized strategies and methods of exercise used in various anime and manga series to develop characters and prepare them for performing in events.

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