Attack on Titan Locations

Attack on Titan is an anime series in the Attack on Titan franchise
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Forest of Giant Trees

Forest of Giant Trees is a region between Wall Maria and Wall Rose.

Former Recon Corps HQ

The former recon corps HQ is a base for Rivaille's group.

Karanese District

Karanese District is where Irwin and his troops being their 57th Expedition.

Shiganshina District

Shiganshina District is Eren and Mikasa's hometown that is located within Wall Maria.

Stohess District

Stohess District is located within Wall Sina.

Trost District

Trost District is a district located within Wall Rose.

Wall Maria

Wall Maria is the outermost layer that protects humanity from the Titans.

Wall Rose

Wall Rose is the second most-outer layer.

Wall Sina

Wall Sina is the innermost region.

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