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Whilst watching Levi and Mikasa have long conversations on their zipcords (and intermittently battle the Female Titan), I was thinking a little about how successfully ATTACK ON TITAN will translate into its inevitable ‘transmedia’ iterations…

For my money, the mechanic of the 3D gear is going to need a drastic overhaul to work in a live-action film, because it already looks pretty ridiculous for these guardsmen to have extended dialogs as they speed through the tree tops. How far ahead did they need to shoot their cables? Why aren’t they smacking into any branches? So many questions without answers. And if it already stretches disbelief in animation, it’s going to look that much more absurd with real actors and photo-real VFX.

On the other hand, Levi’s Zero-like, neon-blue spin-blade attack up and down the Titans’ various limbs makes me think that a TITAN video game would be incredibly fun to play. Hell, between the likes of SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS and GOD OF WAR, we’ve already got plenty of strong examples to show how well the man-versus-giant mechanic can work. Now, I already want to play it…

As for the actual plot, though? I’d just repeat the comments I made last time about how all the disparate elements of horror, superheroics and war are finally aligning for real, tightened-to-white-knuckle thrills that are refreshingly free of all the fat I’ve griped about before. I dug the cold pragmatism of the scenes where the officers deem it more sensible to just brusquely dump their casualties off for the Titans. And I appreciated the dramatic insight of the scene where Eren recognizes that he’s finally become the sort of hero he idolized as a child. That’s actually an emotional angle that’s rarely explored as explicitly in these kind of stories. You’d figure that larger-than-life characters would think more often about how they once were lowly norms, wouldn’t you?

So yeah… the show’s definitely hitting its stride, now.

Watch this episode, "The Defeated - 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls " here and decide for yourself, then read my write-up on the previous episode here.

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The scene where they had to dump the bodies really got to me and I was on Levi's side to dump the bodies. That kind of thing wouldnt be an easy decision, but it certainly was pragmatic.

Levi cares, but he also knows what's important for survival.

I also don't understand why the aberrant didn't give chase again. Perhaps it ran out of regenerative power? I didn't catch that if it was explained.

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Well there is a free game made by a game developer

It more realistic about the attacks and swinging of the wires but it fun to mimic the moves of the show in it.

As for this episode it was a good touch to add the scene with the kids idolizing Eren and his team that reminds him that he too did the same thing. Only this time he can feel how his hero felt after coming back from a mission.

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This one was a great build up.Long road home sure did feel long to me.

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You know how you answer the "How do they have conversations while swinging on maneuver gear?" and "How do they not hit branches?" The same way Marvel writers would respond to the question "What's spider-man's webbing attached to when he doesn't look close to anything to attach to?" They would say "HEY, LOOK OVER THERE! [RUNS AWAY]"

I think that Levi's crazy, amazing whirling dervish attack is as logic-defying as anything else on the show, but we don't question that because it was so badass.

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Speaking of video game, Marsha just reported that the Nintendo 3DS is planning on doing it.

more info here

Bumping into trees would be great for a 4 Koma version of the show. I feel bad for Petra.

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@takashichea: Marsha? like brady bunch marsha?

Also on deeper thought one could argue much of anime could not translate well to film to.An yet that same argument aplies to comics an they seem to be doing a good job there .At least on the Marvel side of things now.

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I have always wondered what people saw in this anime, so I watched episode 1...phew, now I know what people see in this anime.

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@The Stegman: Seems like a sily premiss realy. Giants an horror but they do such a good job saleing it.It takes it self serious enuff it doesnt feel like a b horror movie .

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@Marshal Victory:

Oops, I butcher your name. My bad.

They're doing a spin-off manga for Levi's origin story which leaves me wondering is this canon?

  • Erwin: "Are you going to kill me, Levi?"
  • Levi: "Yeah, the reason why I joined the Survey Corps is......"
  • Levi: "Irvin, so that I can kill you."
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@takashichea: Hehe i wasnt for sure if that was me or not.I butcher english / speling an typeing 24 hours a day 7 days a week trying to get to the red meat of the subject.yes even when im asleep i spell things wrong :/

has screenshots of the new game . Problem one its a sds game. I dont own a 3ds nor will i.Probelm 2 its on nintendo .Dont expect blood.

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