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Like I said… I feel like I just watched the unrated cut of JACK THE GIANT SLAYER. The version they couldn’t dare show you in theaters!

Obviously, new shows have just been gushing out of the pipeline as of a week or two. It’s a daunting amount , to be honest (as it is every season), so we’re going to be experimenting with a few ways to cover everything by the end of April. In regard to this column, that means I’ll be holding off on the retro ONE PIECE and DBZ write-ups for a little while in order to alternate between these Spring pilots and the remaining episodes of MAGI. So stay tuned…!

Anyway, I guess I have some hitherto-unexplored interest in giants, because the two shows that stood out the most from the pack for me were this and GARGANTIA ON THE VERDUROUS PLANET. I suppose there’s some marketing philosophy to be found in having titles stress how BIG your show is.

(Also, making a shrieking, skinless horror your mascot is a smart way to seize people’s attention).

Maybe I just didn’t come into the show with an open enough mind but, for the first half of this pilot, I found myself plotting out some paragraphs about how the show didn’t really live up to the gargantuan promise of its title and promo image. I can’t remember ever saying this about another anime, but the animation style actually looked a bit over-rendered. Sure, it’s not necessarily bad to detail every brick on a medieval cottage’s wall instead of just scrawling a general impression, but when that detail seems to come at the expense of certain scenes actually being animated (yeah, they go for the “Ken Burns effect” in a few noticeable scenes), your priorities are a little out of order.

Again, it initially looked like the show was going to be similarly overcooked. The gimmick of these fast-moving, mountain-scaling watchmen with their amped-up climbing gear did seem like something that’d be cool on its own. Being in addition to everything else, though? It seems like too much.

Well… then things took a rather shockingly dramatic turn in the second half, and all of my grievances were flipped. The show hurries to get its set-up - - maybe a little awkwardly, but that’s all right - - so as to immediately get us to the heart-wrenching good stuff. I was shocked, I was moved, and I was ultimately juiced up about the prospect of seeing what comes next.

I think I might’ve just played right into this crew’s hand?

Watch this episode, "To You, 2,000 Years in the Future The Fall of Zhiganshina" here and decide for yourself.

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I think for me it helped watching it an thinking B movie with big budget.Fans of the manga seem well pleased to from what i have read.

Also seems to me they regen .Otherwise having spikes on your cloths an armor while fighting them would seem the no brainer.Well would still seem to me that way.

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I'm no horror fan since I get a bit queasy with things eating people like zombies in Highschool of the Dead, but this show got me hooked. Though, the anime did censor the grueling scene of the Carla Jaeger being eaten alive by the Titan a bit. I didn't mind it. I was looking away. The animation remind me of comic book style with the bold outlines for the characters.

The episode had created so much questions for me about the Titans, how the hell those folks built those tall walls, and what happened to Eren's father.

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Using this to fill the JoJo anime shaped void in my heart. Keeps me going since the JoJo and Titan manga are monthly series. The waits kill me.

Also, the opening for this is amazing and people have been adding it to pretty much everything, from Bollywood clips to other anime to a picture of a chunk of metal.

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I liked the first and second episodes, so I decided to read all of the manga. I ended up really disliking the plot, characters and the twists that happen throughout. It goes for the Gantz-like quantity over quality with its characters.

I guess I'm an outlier since a lot of people seem to really like the show. But I think it's average at best, the nice animation will certainly help the anime though.

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So far the show has a good pacing and has some smart moves with it plot, just as long as you are willing to accept some ridiculous things later on.

Also this

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I'm wondering how they'll pull this off as a live action. Wherever this show goes, I can positively say that it has the best OP music of the season.

If you wanna talk over-rendered, take a look at Red Data Girl. WOW, that show looks like I should be paying money for it!

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