Unboxing ATTACK ON TITAN - Part 1 Limited Edition Blu Ray

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No seriously, what's in that basement!!??,
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I wish I took advantage of Right Stuf's FUNimation special sale. Funny enough, yesterday was Kodansha's sale off. I bought Attack on Titan: Regret and Before the Fall volumes.

Attack on Titan LE is on my wish list, but man, it's expensive! Knew Mikasa is the poster girl. It's tamer than the doujins and fan art I seen that loves to emphasize her butt. Will the guide help folks distinguish their characters who look too alike? Though, Knights of Sidonia is worse with distinguishing their characters.

@Kino88 said:

No seriously, what's in that basement!!??,

We never know until volume 15 or so. I remember the author proposes a set volume count of 20. I could be wrong.

Speaking of faces of anguish, I found this on Crunchyroll. I laugh at the faces they make.

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I really enjoyed the series, but I don't feel it has my re-watch value. There's just something about the way the story is structured. One episode leads directly into the next. Feels as if it takes five episodes to tell one story.

It also bugs me that they raise this major plot point that the basement holds the key to many of the mysteries of this world, and it's pretty much just forgotten once the Female Titan appears. Yet, it seems as if they had prepared for a character, who had not even appeared in the story by that point. That was kind of irritating. Not to mention that the ultimate villain of the season has a completely unexplained motivation, and I was very curious about that.

I didn't have too much of a problem with the cast names. No more so that I do reading THE HOBBIT.

DARK KNIGHT RISES has a similar packaging for the Blu-ray. Only in the center is a comic that isn't illustrated too well.

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Looks like a really nice set. I'll just wait until they bundle the whole thing in one set. I enjoyed the series but not to the point I want to drop $100-$200 on it.

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