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I don't watch much anime nor manga and I got caught in this Titan storm.

It is really good drama, and I really love the uncertainty of where every plot will end.

Going off topic a little bit here but Mikasa looks like a princess in the anime. She looks like she has lipstick on, come on... I love the manga version waaaay more, the face looks much stronger and cool and determined.

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Yay! Sam's back. First off, I prefer "Talk on Titan" to "Titan Talk." Secondly, my question is do you think Mikasa is a love interest to Eren? Cause right now that's my biggest gripe. My least favorite anime trope is when one character is obviously in love with another, but the other is oblivious to it. This is this show's biggest crime. Although I've been told Mikasa only likes Eren as a brother, which I staunchly disagree with. What do you guys think?

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I been on board with Attack on Titan after reading the manga and my god things get really crazy.

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For me it has been a great experience and I have enjoyed each episode, the only thing I can complain about is the censorship.

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Eren Jaeger bit of a lose cannon.Just like the Vice Pit.

Good episode guys.

When Dot Pixis is delivering the speech to the troops to me was not sure if he knew of a top secret plan to make a titan or he was just bsing.Either way he didnt convince some of the elite soilders fully.

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Fan art for Attack on Titan have ranged from booty shots of Mikasa to pairings of Eren and Levi. I wish they don't stall the episodes with long inner monologues. The manga is chapter 45 or so by now. Ep. 12 covers ch. 13. It's good pacing.

I should try Game of Thrones. Been hearing these comparisons.

The later episodes drag a bit. I hope they finish up the Trost district with a bang.


It's a strange color. Some of the guys and myself were wondering that in the discussion. Annie and Mikasa share those color. Sasha, the potato girl, and the rest of the gals don't have that lip color.

Oh if you're new to anime and manga, check out the Spring Anime 2013 Trailers Archive Blog or the Summer Anime 2013 Trailers guides. My teammates and I do trailers to showcase most of the new shows. Hope you enjoy them.


There hasn't been much details suggesting a romantic relationship between Mikasa and Eren except for an anime exclusive scene in episode 12. Don't read this if you haven't watch it yet. When Ian teases Mikasa about Eren being her boyfriend, Mikasa blushes a bit.


Agree with you there. Hannah and Franz's scene is a bit touching. Though, it loses a bit of feeling when the gruesome part is censored.

@Marshal Victory:

Can't blame those soldiers. Adds a bit of realism. Sacrificing your life for a stranger. I enjoy Riko's scene with Eren where she names the soldiers.

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I haven't watched much anime the past several years. In the 90's I couldn't get enough anime. But I think this show is amazing. I want more anime like this and less fan service shows. I don't know if anime will ever be as popular as it once was is America. But more shows like this would be sure to get more people talking about anime again.

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