ATTACK ON TITAN Gets the Rap in this New Richie Branson Track

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I was hoping he’d do a song about this show…

Nerdcore superstar Richie “the Otaku King” Branson returned from the wilderness beyond Wall Maria yesterday to drop this track, “Against the Wall” upon us like savage giant’s hammer strike. Told from the POV of the mysterious Female Titan, the track likens Richie’s recent ‘vacation’ from anime rapping as being akin to him simply laying low, disguised amid the Recon Corps’ ranks, bidding his time before he blows up back to giant-size for an ATTACK ON TITAN-style surprise attack.


You’ll notice the #otakutuesday hashtag. Richie’s previous Otaku Tuesday album was actually a collection of songs he released every Tuesday over the course of a couple months. So just as soon as you think you’ve processed “Against the Wall” - - and digested whatever combination of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce you partake in for T-Day - - you’re going to be blindsided by another rap next week.

Richie teased on his Twitter a while a back that he may be doing a song about KILL LA KILL in this series. While I’d certainly be down for a rap from the perspective of Ryoko’s skimpy symbiote outfit, I’d love it I the man paid tribute to my favorite unsung series for 2013 - - PSYCHO PASS and GARGANTIA ON THE VERDUROUS PLANET. But that’s just me.

What new shows would you wish for the Otaku King to cover? Hit up the talkbacks below. Richie just might take find inspiration in your suggestions.

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Wow!!!! That song was beautiful! Richie is amazing, I would also love to hear a Psycho Pass rap song, ooooh man...... The possibility's, rap and anime are a great combo,
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Im not a big rap fan.Some things i like mostly older stuff ,Some House of Pain , Beastie Boys, even Becks loser hits a right cord with me.This tho.. i like. Good stuff.

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This one was intense! Really loved this track since listening to it earlier.

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nice. weren't there some articles about Richie himself over here before?

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