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I’ll be the first to admit that I might throw around superlatives a little too liberally in this column. When I get excited about an episode, I’m quick to say it’s ‘best’ this or the ‘most’ that. It’s tough not to get swept up in the moment and, most likely, if I ever went back over such comments, I might decide to rephrase them a little more modestly.

Bearing that in mind… this was one of the single most thrilling cliffhangers ever.

Obviously, I’ve never been on any vengeful vendetta, nor in a life-or-death situation anywhere close to what these guardsmen are dealing with. Still, I felt the most visceral connection to Eren during this installments’ final moments. There’s a very precise mix of adrenaline, confusion, awkwardness and strange focus that swirls through you when an opportunity suddenly manifests after you've been wishing for it for years. Abstract ideas rapidly stumbled in breathing, sweating realities. You realize you’ll really have to follow through on everything you’ve said you’d do.

Eren’s been given opportunity after opportunity to evade this threat with his honor intact, but he’s stubbornly insisted on going into the lion’s den anyway. He’s sworn to kill these monsters and now the time has come to make good on that oath. Most series don't get to that sort of conflict until their last episodes. This one just leaped into it.

The fact that such feelings can be evoked here makes me really believe that ATTACK ON TITAN is going to make the kind of lasting impression everybody’s hoping it’ll make. It’s still got 21 episodes left to screw everything up, of course. Still, the fact that it’s been able to effectively stoke the flames of this particular grudge match in such a short amount of time, and then leave me just dying to see what happens… that alone is remarkable.

I think I’m going to go right ahead and open up the next episode. I'll follow Eren's example. No waiting!

Watch this episode, "Night of the Graduation Ceremony - Humanity Rises Again" here and decide for yourself, then read my write-up on the previous episode here.

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Sind Sie das Essen? Nein, wir sind die Jäger

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Eren is pretty much the embodiment of human endurance. The one to let people know that there is always a chance in a given situation.

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I really liked the philosophical awakening that Eren received when he was training with Annie. Annie pretty much laid out the problem: The best recruits do not fight the Titans.

I like that the show isn't just basing everything off of Eren's strong will and dedication. There is a reason why they need to pursue the titans. The humans will eventually be wiped out if all they do is hide behind the walls and let the titans eat them. They need to find a better way to fight back.

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I enjoyed Eren's speech on killing the Titans and how it got everyone on the Survey Corps. Keith's analysis on the characters is right on the dot. It shows how selfish human nature is when folks in the army want to go into the military police in order to avoid confronting the Titans.

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I still don't know why they don't just build their cities underground. With enough room for the tallest of people to move through. Then once you have enough army, and military force; lay down your attack.

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@Supreme Marvel:

I haven't thought about that. Though, how would you grow plants since they have a hard time making enough food for themselves.

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@takashichea: They might be able to create artificial light. Or...

At that point in the trailer (I've seen the film), they live underground not to be seen. They grow wheat using reflective light panels. Think Mummy - when they want to show light...

They could do that from the top that comes all the way down to where they live.

It's be like Minecraft. They'd just have to adapt or die. < That'd be my tagline.

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Enjoyed this one for many reasons. One it reminded me of The Dirty Dozen in some ways. But what it reminded me most of what how i love what anime can do.A project like this i cant imagine after it would get the modern day hollywood treatment.

Sadly tho i think so much of this episode an the next im afraid the show has given me high expectations for whats to come.

Edit.. be sure NOT to read comments on other sites about the anime.Seems some are going out of their way to spoil the show.Even Hulu has people spewing spoilers .

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I loved how everything is steadily upbeat as it nears the end of the episode and then suddenly the giant titan appears out of nowhere. I almost expected it to slowly drawl out a "HEEEEEEEEEEY" before smashing the wall in.

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