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Now, this is the sort of procedural detail that’s actually worth sitting through...

Instead of a long-winded speech (or three) about tactics that are ultimately interchangeable, we get a dialog between characters reasoning out the details of the fantasia in their world like rational people actually would. I don’t know if this episode was specifically shaped by Tetsurō Araki’s contributions as the director, or if it happened to be in the original manga, but it pleasantly reminds me of the times in DEATH NOTE when L would use his brilliant mind to deduce Kira’s moves - - however abstract to reality they were.

Amusingly enough, it seems like TITAN might also be slyly deconstructing an anime character trope along the way, as well - - literally ascribing Eren’s Titan power to his hot blood. Here’s a character whose relentless determination has been continually reasserted as his strongest trait; and now we know that his greatest weakness lies in that fire ever being burning in an unspecified direction (anger without purpose, in other words). Tie that up with that fact that his Titan power works out to him instantaneously manifesting huge amounts of steaming, sanguine flesh, and the subtext seems a bit more literal.

Lastly, while Levi’s scheme to bait the Female Titan into an ambush was rather shrewd - - and I suppose it was worth doing in order to test Eren’s mettle - - his eccentricity as a captain honestly seems more like flawed leadership here. Play it as cool as you want, but it’s still a horrible idea to intentionally withhold important battlefield information from your men. Unless he was seriously thinking that one of these guardsmen was going to freak out and turn his horse away (which really wouldn’t happen), then all he was doing was intentionally raising their anxiety.

Then again, we already know the guy’s a sadist, don’t we? Lest we forget how he treated Eren in court...

Watch this episode, "Bite - 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls" here and decide for yourself, then read my write-up on the previous episode here.

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Levi is pretty sadist, specially being a clean freak. But like everyone said Erwin is the one with the mad plan. It all to set up who the spy in the ranks and may just identify the Female Titan.

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I'm pretty sure it was Erwin's idea to use Levi's squad as a bait.

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Well, they also suspect that someone has infiltrated their ranks or has been selling them out. It makes discussion of any plans like that difficult. Plus, they can't just discuss it with the FT chasing them because she'd probably just overhear it.

And Levi isn't the one making the rules or the plans. Levi just follows Erwin's orders.

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Eren's still basically a Hulk-type character, but this revelation of his powers reminded me a bit of the Spider-man movies, when Peter Parker couldn't figure out why his powers had left him.

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This answers Lukero's question back in the W & L articles. I wonder if Levi's words will bite him in the back later on. All these soldiers' death for one aberrant Titan. Wonder how Erwin is going to explain that to his troops.


Was debating whether to spell the commander's name with an I or E back then. Interestingly, Crunchyroll went with "Erwin." I just went with Shingeki no Wikia. Pay no attention to me. I'm a wiki nutjob in the community.

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I don't think it was ever mentioned that Levi and the crew knew that it was an aberrant chasing them.

If this were a normal titan they probably could have taken it on easy, but the aberrant presented an unexpected challenge that they managed to overcome. For now...

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I've always read it as Erwin ever since the manga started. Plus, the man looks and behaves like a German officer, so why not go with the German spelling.

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I will change it. The wiki is for everyone. I remember Foxx telling me to use what Kodansha and the other manga distributor put out as names. I just need to buy or rent the manga.

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I changed the name. The manga from Kodansha does use "Erwin."

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