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Well, the first ten minutes of this episode felt like sitting through the tutorial for a DYNASTY WARRIORS game. Most times, I do think it’s cool when a war story actually takes some time to illustrate the tactics being employed by its characters. However, TITAN has been pushing that button way too many times lately, and it’s seeming rather unnecessary. Does the narrative really gain any tension or excitement points from all the graphics and charts that it wouldn’t have with just one explaining that the Recon Corps split up into three units during this cross country sweep?

(Hell, the way the frame quickly hops amongst batches of 2D characters animated over this sparse CG landscape makes it all look like a demo run through a level already prepped for the inevitable TITAN video game).

With all the hints dropped about the titular “Female Titan,” it’s easy to guess that we’ll soon be developing a clearer hierarchy of creatures in this world. We’ve got our human guardsmen, we’ve got our stupid Titans and then we’ve got our ‘Titan Shifters’ who can switch from one to the other. So, the ‘Colossal Titan’ who’s leading all these big doofuses is likely a human, himself, and we’ll surely find out soon that all this titanic misery has been orchestrated by a nefarious human faction . Given how things escalate, I’m sure more of the good guys will start learning how to get huge, and I’m picturing a finale where we just have dozens and dozens of Titans clubbing at each other.

Are you picturing something different?

Again, I’ll take some space to compliment this show for maintaining a constant threat level at all times. While we may nitpick and complain about however many plot elements, we keep coming back because this show really isn’t ever easing its fingers off the characters’ pulses, is it? Getting chased by a crab-walking giant is just fundamentally scary...

Watch this episode, "Female Titan - 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls" here and decide for yourself, then read my write-up on the previous episode here.

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Yeah, I think that Titan hints to us pretty early that these titans are as much warriors as the humans are. They're not just monsters. I think guessing the Colossal titan is human driven isn't a shot in the dark.

There are many questions they're keeping for later, like if anyone else besides Eren's Dad had special insight into Titans.

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That could have explained why the Colossal Titan can disappear in an instant back then. A lot of folks have theories on him being a Titan Shifter. There is spy in our ranks... Eren.. is out there to destroy humanity. It's the end of the world....

Enough with the speculations, I was creeped out and amused at the same time with Reiner remarking about the Female Titan's ass.

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You should also keep in mind that some hints are subtle enough to be over looked and you wont know it till you go back a episode or two to see them. It one of the things that the author of the series does so well and how it became so big.

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Becoming one of the titan shifters is obviously limited so I doubt there will be a bunch of titans fighting at the end.

With the way Titan has been progressing as a series it's difficult to predict much about what will happen.

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That picture? Swap out the Titan for a giant Spider-Man and that will be quite a hoot. XD

All kidding aside, the animation's certainly up a notch for this particular half to the story thus far. A good number of chase sequences involving the Titans and the Recon Corps are nicely animated. Quite better thus far compared to the first half where while still having its high points, appeared to occasionally cut some corners.

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Are you picturing something different?

It is something different.

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Thing is more than a few anime lately remind me of video games.Had that from the intro of the tactics to. But other shows are more blantent.Two hang overs this eason have had a serious rpg or action video game feel.Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyou has had more than a few episodes that remind me of fighter games. Ginga Kikōtai Majestic Prince from pilot on had many moments that felt very video game like.

But then again we have many anime based off of video games .Not uncoman for one to influance the other .Games now seem to have crossed to film as well.An gets no respect as a entertainment form .

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If this ends where a huge chunk of the main cast gets a Titan mode, I'll be extremely disappointed. That seems unlikely though.

Really, I'm not sure how this season will end. I believe it's a two cour show running 24-26 episodes. Given the usual pacing, this current battle probably won't end for another 2-4 episodes, which would leave like 5 episodes to wrap up the aftermath and answer every question... which couldn't help but be rushed and horrible imo (this is the reason Gargantia fell off for me). I get the feeling this show will basically end with everyone about to enter Eren's basement or on a shocking reveal that happens shortly after that.

The series is on pace to be one of the best selling titles of the year and will likely get a sequel so I'm not too worried about it ending with a lot of unanswered questions.

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