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To make another suggestion for this series on the whole - - a bit more care and attention really should’ve been paid to making these characters more visually distinct from each other.

There are a lot of players in this fray and, during the assorted group shots of the various guardsman, it’s hard not think that half of them are getting the exact same wavy bob from the same barber down at the barracks. And when all your characters are wearing the same uniform, with the same general build, it might be worthwhile to give one an eye-patch, or a mustache, or something distinctive enough to make them stand out immediately.

And I’d extend this suggestion the various divisions, too. I’m having a harder time keeping track of the difference between the Recon Corps and the MP’s because they don’t have any immediate, visual identifiers. Different symbols on their jackets - - which aren’t directly visible most of the time, mind you - - really aren’t enough.

Compare and contrast ALIENS with BLACK HAWK DOWN, for example. Both flick are about squads of soldiers. You can immediately differentiate every Marine in the former movie, however, because they all individually customize their armors. In the latter movie, however, it was notoriously difficult to keep track of which famous actors were dead and which ones weren’t because they all were wearing the same outfits, with the same buzz cut do's.

For a show that’s devoted so much screen time to presenting the tactics of these guardsmen in clear, easily discernible charts, it’s puzzling why they wouldn’t have the same sense about presenting the characters.

Now, I’m guessing plenty of you are going to pipe up, now, and say you’ve never had any trouble with this, whatsoever, throughout the entirety of the show. Well, +500 Honorary XP to you!

Watch this episode, "What Should Be Done - Night Before the Counteroffensive" here and decide for yourself, then read my write-up on the previous episode here.

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Eye strain can be a problem .Not jokeing but i have no problem telling them apart. thats with me being near sigthed. An havieng one eye weeping cause of a infection .So i can tell them apart with one near sighted eye .."tied behind my back "... so to speek.

Names are thrown around alot to.But maybe a trip to a eye doc may help.Im about 8 years from my last one an im sure i need new glasses an still can tell them apart.

Eye strain i think is more for writers an grafic artists (tho weilders can have it ruffer ) .Might be time to se your eye doc for a check up.Other than that dont know what to tell ya.Other than get a check up for safty sake any way.Many people as they age have to get glasses.I had a bad year in school till teacher figured out i couldnt see the board.6th grade on grades got better .

Not saying tihis in any way to be mean.But now im concerened .

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For the longest I still wonder how you are unable to tell characters apart. Maybe it the lack of color coding in your case since it does help a little more and many shows do that. Maybe a little too much if you ask me.

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I'll admit that I also have trouble distinguishing characters apart at first glance.

The main characters lack characteristic identifiers that easily tells them apart, but that's kinda what they do in the military.

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This is another reason why this show is a cosplayer's dream. You can make a generic costume and virtually become any character you choose, whether they be in the show or a completely original creation, and you could still be instantly recognizable. I enjoy the Black Hawk Down/ Aliens comparison. However, I feel like AoT tries to be Aliens and ends up being BHD. And in BHD's defense, the look-alike effect was intentional to show the impersonal nature that the current US military attaches to modern war.

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When I read through the manga really quickly I actually ran into that exact same problem!

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I've noticed for a while that the characters are basically indistinguishable aside from Eren, Mikasa and Armin. But even they are built on recognizable tropes.

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I mistake Eren and Rivaille (Levi) sometimes in the comments and wiki. If you guys spot it, it's Attack on Titan's fault. :)

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Man, I should really catch up

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You're not behind since this is a weekly anime. The pacing pick up a bit, but it's going at a normal pace.

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Well, I haven't been watching since ep.11 and I so busy right now that I probably won't catch until ep.20 (wish I have more time in the day)

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To add about the characters look alike issue, the anime doesn't do Unreal Hair/Eye Color or Crazy Anime Hair. Armin might look like Krista Lenz. Yeah, they could have been more individualistic with their outfits (if I'm using that word correctly).


I feel the same. There is not enough time in the day to do everything. I just had to return the full season of Chobits to the library. I only got to watch 17 episodes of it in a week.


Oh, you should have saw some photos from Anime Expo 2013. (Some sites like Random Curiosity posts pictures) I wish I took more pictures. Attack on Titan cosplay beats out Sword Art Online, Naruto, and the rest by a mile.

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