Attack! Fury of the Rasengan!

Attack! Fury of the Rasengan! is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 08/04/2004
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Search for Tsunade Arc

Attack! Fury of the Rasengan! - くらえ!怒りの螺旋丸 (Kurae! Ikari no Rasengan)

Orochimaru and Kabuto use a summoning jutsu to call forth a giant snake. Still drugged and unable to fully use his chakra, Jiraiya summons little Gamakichi. Naruto is the only one left to guard Tsunade from Kabuto. Lives are on the line and so is his bet to learn the Rasengan. It's now or never!


Opening Theme-

"GO!!!" by FLOW

Jiraiya faces off with Naruto and Shizune against Orochimaru and his disciple, Kabuto, in battle. Jiraiya ask Shizune to fight Kabtuo while he handles Orochimaru, but first he needs Tsunade to do something about his drugged body. Shizune can only tell him that the drug should still effect him for a while longer and there's nothing she can do about it. He tells Tsunade to rest and use her healing jutsu on herself. Naruto wants to know his job, but is only told to guard Tsunade with her pet pig, Tonton. When he complains, Jiraiya tells him that Kabuto is right about him being a different level than those present. Orochimaru is a Sannin such as himself and Tsunade, and Kabuto has a skill on the level of Kakashi. Before Naruto can create a shadow clone, he's stopped by Jiraiya. It wouldn't serve as a distraction against enemies of this level and a waste of chakra.

With the fight ready to begin, Kabuto wipes blood from his already injured hand, and Jiraiya draws blood from his thumb. They both perform a Summoning Jutsu. Kabuto and Orochimaru are a top a giant snake. Jiraiya only summoned the small frog spirit, Gamakichi. Shizune realizes the drug is preventing Jiraiya from focusing his chakra. Orochimaru realizes that Tsunade must have used something on him. Kabuto mentions that a sacrifice was going to be required for the forbidden jutsu to revive her loved ones. They wonder if she was planning to sacrifice Jiraiya and Naruto for it. Jiyaira is frustrated his handicap has already been spotted. Naruto attempts the summoning jutsu. Orochimaru is shocked to see he's capable and wonders if he should of killed Naruto during the Chunin Exams for the sake of the Akatsuki. that the only ones who could of broken his Five-Pronged Seal are Sannin, such as himself; and the Third Hokage. He sees that Naruto could become a threat if he ever learned to control that Nine-tailed Fox's chakra inside of him. When the smoke clears, he can only bring forth Gamakichi's simple brother, Gamatatsu. Orochimaru can see that is far from true for this example. Gamakichi wans to know why Gamatatsi is there. Gamatatsu is excited since it's the first time he's ever been summoned. His brother tells him to stop being so excited and to hide.

Not waiting any more, Orochimaru rides his giant snake and Jiraiya and leaves the second for Kabuto to handle the others. He's a bit disappointed since he wanted to battle Jiraiya. The snakes strike the ground causing a massive cloud of dust. Shizune is pulling Tsunade it safety when Kabuto finds them and strike the both of them down. As Naruto makes his way forward, one of the giant snakes appears and swallows him whole, Jiraiya calling after him. Orochimaru appears and Jiraiya responds with a ninjutsu, the Earth Style! Dark Swamp. The ground under the snake he is riding transforms into a massive swamp that it quickly sinks into. The technique wasn't powerful enough to sink them completely with his focus still off. Still, the snakes are immobilizes.

Elsewhere, Shizune defends Tsunade against Kabuto using the poison needle launchers hidden under her coat's sleeve. They miss and he charges his Chakra Scalpel one more and strikes at her chest. She counters by using a poisoned cloud technique called Poison Fog. When the fog clears, Kabuto is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, he has reached up from underground and used the chakra scalpels to grab at her ankles and cut the tendons.

Naruto is struggling to open the snakes mouth and escape. He's already been eaten by a snake once can can;t believe it's happened twice. He escapes, but the snake still strikes him away hard before it sinks completely int he swamp. On the second snake, Orochimaru and Jiraiya fight. Orochimaru's neck stretches with fangs like a snake, but Jiraiya counters with his hair changing into a spiked armor to surround his body. Even this isn't working as intended. Orochimaru uses an opening to bite and Jiraiya's neck.

Back at Tsunade, Kabuto punches Shizune aside and her blood sprays on Tsunade's face, causing her to tremble. Naruto is a distance away and not moving. Her mind flashes on images of her brother, Nawaki; and lover, Dan, dead. Kabuto approaches her, but all she can manage is a scream of terror as she slaps his hand away from touching her. Disgusted be her behavior he moved to capture her, and he pleads for him to stay away. As she cowers, he starts kicking her while she's down. Naruto can only witness as he can't move.

At the giant snake, Orochimaru mocks Jiraiya for dragging around such a talentless student. That it's too bad he doesn't have his keen eye for talent. Jiraiya shoots back that he doesn't need talented kids, such as Sasuke Uchiha. It's no fun to raise a genius from the start. Orochimaru says that Naruto is just like Jiraiya when he was younger, and that Naruto can never beat Susuke, who holds the power of the Sharingan. With such a power, a ninja could master every jutsu in the world. Being a ninja is about using ninjutsu. Jiraiya only laughs and says jutsu isn't the only thing that makes a ninja and that Orochimaru still doesn't understand. The ninja is the one who endures. Jiraiya has one thing to teach Orochimaru, that the one thing that a ninja needs over anything isn't the amount of justu they can use. It's the mettle to never give up. Kabuto aims to punch a defenseless Tsunade once more, but Naruto blocks the strike with his own forehead. Naruto has that.

Naruto took the hit to protect Tsunade. Naruto tries the Rasengan, but Kabuto evades and uses the chakra scalpel to cut the muscles in Naruto's leg. Kabuto doesn't know what Naruto tried to hit him with, but would never succeed with such large motions. Even he realizes that as he clutches his injured leg. Still, he can tell the chakra wasn't properly compresses. As Kabuto taunts Naruto with his injuries, Naruto realizes that he needs both hands to perform the Rasengan. Kabuto asks if he's afraid and wants to run away. He pulls out one of his chakra cards based on what he learned about Naruto. Quoting him the very words he used during the Chunin Exam's written portion. That he's never run away, and asks if he still feels that same way? Tsunade hears this and remembers how Naruto swore he'd become hokage. How this is the very same dream shared by her brother and Dan. Kabuto tells Naruto to stop acting likea child and to run away when he feels like it, but Naruto only glares back. He tells Naruto that if you're dead there are no dreams. Tsunade remembers telling her brother to run when there is trouble, but Nawaki only shouts back that men don't run from danger. Still, he died in battle because he didn't run away. Clutching the necklace of the First Hokage, she remembers how her lover Dan died with nothing she could do to stop it. Kabuo says that kids think everything is easy and it's how they can talk about dreams as if they are so easy. Tsunade flashes back to when she mocked Jiraiya for trying to teach Naruto a jutsu he could never learn. She watches as Kabuto kicks down and beats Naruto. He mocks Naruto further by saying kids follow their dreams to their death. Naruto still wont give up as he grabs Kabuto's foot and pushes him away. He says that he stands by his word. that is his Way of the Ninja.

Naruto's strikes Kabuto with the completed Rasengan
Naruto's strikes Kabuto with the completed Rasengan

Naruto stands, but Kabuto strikes at his neck with the chakra scalpel. As he struggles to get up again, Tsunade can only ask why. He says he will win that bet he made with her, and he creates a shadow-clone. She begs Naruto to stop trying to protect her. Kabuo draws his kunai and charges. Tsunade begs him to run away, but Naruto grabs at the kunai in Kabuto's hand and is cut. Naruto says it will be fine. He wont die and will become the hokage. Naruto and his clone form the seal together. While he holds Kabuto with one hand. the clone performs the Rasengan for him. With three hands doing to work, he compresses the chakra. He has finally completed the Rasengan and the first target is a restrained Kabuto.

Points of Interest

  • In the manga version of these events, Naruto was stabbed through the hand and not just cut as the anime version shows.

Ending Theme-

"Ryusei (流星)" by Tia

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name
Kabuto YakushiSummoning Jutsu
Chakra Scalpel
JiraiyaSummoning Jutsu
Earth Style - Dark Swamp Jutsu
Ninja Art - Needle Jizo
Naruto UzumakiSummoning Jutsu
Shadow Clone Jutsu
ShizuneNinja Art - Poison Fog

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