Attack - Aufeinandertreffen

Attack - Aufeinandertreffen is an anime episode of Elfen Lied that was released on 08/15/2004
Nana walks behind Lucy, who is sitting in some steps, and tells her Lucy to come back to the secret facility. When Nana asks her if she's going to kill her, Lucy walks away and releases her vectors on Nana. As she tries to stop Lucy, Nana is knocked out by the vectors and Lucy tells her that she was going to let her go, but it's too much trouble. Nana has managed to knock Lucy to the cemetery and doesn't plan to kill her, just make her suffer in place of Kurama.
At Kouta's house, Yuka asks Kouta if he wants to touch her like Nyu. Kouta changes the subject by going to look for Nyu. Yuka begins to complain that all Kouta ever talked about is Nyu and that doesn't want to talk about important things, like being attacked by soldiers. When Kouta tries to comfort her, Yuka slaps him and runs off.
While she is walking, Yuka remembers about a funeral with Kouta's father and sister.
Back at the cemetery, Nana is choking Lucy. She tells her that if she were serious, Lucy would have been dead three times already. Just than Lucy throws graves at Nana, and Nana dodges, loosing her hold on Lucy.
In town, Mayu is buying bread crusts from a bakery. She meets Yuka, who noticed the bread crusts, and Mayu runs away.
In the cemetery, Lucy and Nana continue to fight until Mayu shows up. Nana gets distracted by this and Lucy has managed to chop her left leg and fingers. She stands over Nana as she begins to rip off her arms and legs. Just then, a number of soldiers and Kurama arrive. When he asks Nana why did she not wait for him, she replies that she wanted for him to praise her. Lucy asks her why did she call her, "papa", and Nana replies that she thought that Kurama's daughter is dead. Lucy runs away afterwards.
While walking, Yuka sees a helicopter flying. In it, Kurama is sitting with Nana, who is bandaged up and still bleeding. The phone rings and the other scientist says it’s Ms. Shirakawa, Kurama’s assistant. Kurama takes the phone and talks to her. She says that Chief Kakuzawa, the head of the secret facility, wants to talk to him.
Yuka sees Lucy, who is back to Nyu, and takes her home.
At Kouta's house, he is still waiting for both Nyu and Yuka. Just then, he notices the clock is broken and gets a call.
When getting to Kouta's house, Mayu sees Nyu and thinks she is the girl from the cemetery. She says that legs don't just fly off. When Kouta asks what is she talking about, Mayu replies that she is just having a dream.
After dinner, Mayu takes a bath and Nyu joins her. When Kouta says about taking Mayu to the police, however, the problem is that they can't trust them. After telling her about everything, Yuka understands why Kouta is worried about Nyu. He apologizes to her, but Yuka is the one supposed to be doing that.
In the secret facility, the Chief happens to be disappointed with Kurama sending a diclonius to battle another diclonius. After the talk, he puts Nana into sleep.

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