Atonement:Rebirth is an anime episode of Guilty Crown that was released on 03/01/2012

Haruka originally planned to kill Mana, but she was not there. After Keido had shot Haruka, she escapes with the Void Genome with Seiga pursuing her. With Seiga slaughtering Funeral Parlor troops, it appears that Seiga will claim the Void Genome from Ayase until Shu arrives.

What will Shu do and what are Keido/Gai's plans?

Plot Summary

Opening theme:

"The Everlasting Guilty Crown" by EGOIST

Haruka searches for Mana
Haruka searches for Mana

Gai is seen taking a Void from a patient while Seiga takes a photo of him. Though, Seiga deletes the picture since it doesn't look right. Meanwhile, Haruka walks along with a gun after apologizing to Mana. She finds out that Mana is gone, and Keido comments that Haruka is like her husband. She asks him if he is the one who killed her husband and why because Keido and Shu's father are best friends. Then, Keido fires a gun shot. Later, Shu gets behind Arisa and pokes a gun at her back. He demands her to tell him where Inori is. Arisa's handheld plays the news about Haruka is a wanted criminal on the run. Seiga notices something and begins to laugh. He tells Keido that he would be glad to chase down Haruka. In the city, Arisa drives off the car to chase after Haruka with Shu boarding the vehicle. She explains to Shu that she is only doing this to ask Arisa about Gai's weaknesses, desires, and more.

Oogumo dies proudly
Oogumo dies proudly

In some neighborhood, Haruka stops her motorcycle when she sees Kurachi who greeted her. Kurachi explains that Kuhouin is dead. In a building somewhere, Haruka explains everything to Kurachi and Oogumo. Haruka tells them that she has been a bad mother for neglecting to take care of Shu. In Arisa's van, Shu explains that Haruka is not his biological mother. Long ago, Haruka and Shu lost someone, and two became a family because of this. Meanwhile, Seiga interrogates a woman and kills her as a token of thanks for answering where the Funeral Parlor's hideout is. Kurachi picks up that someone is here. Then, a bunch of people bang the door for some vaccine. Oogumo opens the door for them to show that they have no vaccine. Seiga has his men open fire on the mob and the Funeral Parlor troops. Oogumo shields Haruka. After Haruka and Kurachi runs away, Oogumo charges at Seiga and his two men. Oogumo thrashes the two men, but Seiga kills Oogumo quick with his knife. On the road, Kurachi and Haruka drive off; Kurachi opens the briefcase that Haruka stole which contains the last void genome. Haruka noted it is their last hope. Somewhere in the city, the Funeral Parlor men feel like they cannot take on Gai and Oogumo is missing. Arisa tries to reassure him that Arugo is looking for them. Tsugumi explains to Yahiro and Kanon that the vaccines will not work for Souta whose illness's stage is level three. Arugo is back with Kurachi and Haruka. Arugo explains that Oogumo is dead which Tsugumi begins to shed tears. Ayase comforts her.

Shu takes Ayase's Void
Shu takes Ayase's Void

In the GHQ headquarters, Shibungi states that Gai has fallen while Inori hangs by her hands. She is wearing a wedding dress. Shibungi begins sharing a story how they met in Africa and that he has raised him to become king from that day. Gai responds that their dreams have come to despair. Shibungi asks him what were the Funeral Parlor fighting for. Gai states that a king has no friends but subordinates. Shibungi replies that he still thinks Gai as a friend and that his wish is to kill Gai. At the Funeral Parlor hideout, Haruka explains that the Void Genome can give power, but it can cause the body to reject it. Suddenly, Seiga commands his Endlaves to shoot at the hideout. Arisa and Shu arrive to see the hideout under attack. Shu rushes off to save Haruka and the others. Seiga tells his men to waste everyone. Arugo and the others are stuck. Ayase asks Haruka to give her a shot of the Void Genome. She begs her.However, Seiga shoots the briefcase away. Seiga states that he will take the briefcase away. He explains that he will do anything to use it. Ayase rushes to get it. Seiga opens fire at Ayase, but Arugo fires at him. Yet, the Endlave protects Seiga, and Seiga shoots at Arugo successively. Seiga charges towards the escalator and throws a knife at the Void Genome. The genome goes toward Shu who grabs it. Ayase demands him to give it, but Shu states that he will bear its sins. Shu thank his mother, and he stabs himself with the genome. A bright light surges from Shu as Seiga gazes at him in awe. Meanwhile, Gai and Inori see the light and knows it is Shu. Shu pulls out his own void which recreates his right arm.

Shu will bear every sin and burden
Shu will bear every sin and burden

Seiga tells his men to fire at Shu, and Shu takes some of Ayase's Void. Shu flies and soars to his friends. He asks Yahiro and his group to lend their powers. When Seiga tries to kill Ayase by driving over her, Shu attacks Seiga and stabs him with the Void going inside him. Seiga's DNA gets cut by Shu. Once the event is over, Shu emerges from the flames, and everyone realizes Shu has some of cancer. Souta explains that Shu had taken Souta's cancer. Back at GHQ, Gai explains that Shu's Void allows him to gather everything and assumes its weight. Shu states that he will inherit the bad will.

Closing theme:

"Kokuhaku" by Supercell

Points of Interest

Ep. 19's Eyecatch
Ep. 19's Eyecatch
  • Deceased Characters: Oogumo and Seiga.
  • New Void: Shu's Void allows him to gather everything (like darkness, light, disease, and more) and assumes it burden. He used to it take away Souta's cancer.

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