Atashino is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Atashino, also known as the "Gourmet Surgeon", is a highly skilled doctor and chef in the Gourmet Age. She is also a powerful member of the 0th Biotope.


Atashinos origin is unknown, but we do know that she is a highly skilled doctor and surgeon, based on her nickname the “Gourmet Surgeon", and her strength and skill also got her invited to join the 0th Biotope. Ichiryuu also states that she is a highly accomplished chef and Gourmet Hunter, as she will be the one of prepare the legendary drink ATOM.


Atashino was created for the Toriko series by author Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro, to serve as a minor supporting character.

Character Evolution


Atashinos appearance post Cooking Festival Arc
Atashinos appearance post Cooking Festival Arc

While most of her appearance is hidden behind her pink surgeon’s attire, Atashino is seemingly a young but pale skinned woman, with long black hair and a somewhat visibly curvaceous figure despite being hidden behind her attire.

Her attire is a simple pink coloured surgeon’s outfit, complete with medical cap and facemask. She is also seen wearing a doctor’s stethoscope around her neck at all times.

After her battle at Slow Rain Hills, Atashino suffered some wounds, the full extent of which are currently unknown.


While Atashino has had little time to show her true personality, we do know that she seemingly has great respect and loyalty towards Ichiryuu.

Major Story Arcs

Bubble Fruit Arc

Atashino, along with the rest of the 0th Biotope, was called to a meeting at their Gourmet World Headquarters by Ichiryuu. They all discussed the upcoming events and their plans to make their move into the Gourmet World and recover the ingredients for Acacia’s Full Course Menu. While there, Ichiryuu asks Atashino if she would prepare ATOM, the drink on Acacia’s Menu, which she agrees to. When the meeting concluded, she and the rest of the members headed out to finalize their preparations for leaving the human world behind and starting their mission in the Gourmet World.

Cooking Festival Arc

Atashino is present with Melk the First and Ichiryuu, at Slow Rain Hills in Area 8 of the Gourmet World, attempting to find the salad dish on the Gourmet Gods menu, AIR. While there, Ichiryuu shows off his new knife, created by Melk, and then says that everyone should be in position to begin their missions and that they should get moving too.

Before they could get the chance however, the Gourmet Corps Boss Midora arrives atop his massive Ocpald beast. Despite Ichiryuu’s attempts to resolve the situation calmly, two more powerful beasts, a Rampage and a Tornadragon appear from nearby. Both Melk and Atashino step in to fight the beasts while Ichiryuu left with Midora to find a suitable location for their fight.


Atashino treats the Daruma Hermit in Hex Food World.
Atashino treats the Daruma Hermit in Hex Food World.

Atashino is seen once again when the Four Heavenly Kings finally arrive at Hex Food World on their quest to find the legendary ingredient AIR. She and Melk relocated there after their battle and received some substantial wounds, taking this time to rest and heal themselves. Atashino is first seen treating the Daruma Hermit who was ill when the Kings arrived, and both she and Melk told the Kings what information they could in order to assist them in their search for AIR.

After the Kings left Hex Food World on their journey towards Slow Rain Hills, Atashino, takes the Daruma Hermit and Melk to Atmosphere Garden, so they could benefit from the natural healing properties of the area. While there she and Melk listen to the Daruma Hermit recount the history of Area 8, AIR, and the Horse King Heracles.

Atashino applying her healing skills to try and save Komatsu.
Atashino applying her healing skills to try and save Komatsu.

After Komatsu had finished preparing AIR, Atashino and the rest of Hex Food World arrived at Slow Rain Hills thanks to the outburst of air from AIR clearing the entire continent of it's dangerous and deadly exotic rainfall, making their journey through the areas surrounding Slow Rain Hills relatively easy. They enjoyed a large celebration together as they ate AIR, before they were interrupted by the unexpected arrival of NEO members, Shigematsu, Teppei, Boneless and Kairu. Atashino, and the others unaffected by Shigematsu’s Beasts ability, prepared to stand off against them before they witness Toriko single handily take them all down thanks to the awakening of his Gourmet Devils left arm. As Toriko fought with NEO, Atashino ran to Komatsu, who had been fatally wounded by Teppei, and tried to heal him to the best of her abilities. When the fighting had concluded, she told everyone present that she would be unable to do anything to save him due to the damage that Komatsu had sustained was far too great for even her to heal. The Daruma Hermit then makes a declaration that they need to go to Area 7 of the Gourmet World and retrieve the ingredient PAIR to save Komatsus life

Powers and Abilities


While little is currently known about Atashino’s fighting capabilities, the fact that she is a member of the 0th Biotope indicates that she is very power as she is able to operate and survive in the Gourmet World with difficulty, and she had no qualms entering into combat with a very high Capture Level beast in order to allow Ichiryuu to leave with Midora.

She is noted to be a highly skilled doctor, surgeon, and chef, hinting that she has extensive knowledge in the field of medicine and cooking. The latter of which are high enough that Ichiryuu believes she is one of the only people in the world capable of preparing the legendary drink ATOM, part of Acacia’s Full Course Menu.

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Name: Atashino
Name: アタシノ
Romanji: Atashino
Gender: Female
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