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Asu no Yoichi! is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Angela Takatsukasa

Angela is a 16-years-old girl, Tsubasa's subordinate and member of the martial arts school "Tsubame Tenryu Ryouge". She was originally hired by Ukyou Sakinomiya to assassinate Yoichi.

Aruko Nuezume

The daughter of the master of the Yatagarasu Anten Ryu school of martial arts. She is sent out by her father with orders to marry a man of the Ukiha Kamikaze school.

Ayame Ikaruga

Ayame is a shy and tsundere girl, a highschool student and Ibuki's younger sister.

Chihaya Ikaruga

Second youngest of the Ikaruga family. Works as a professional manga artist.

Enbi Tsubame

The younger sister of Tsubasa. She possesses all of the devotion to martial arts and the clan that her older sister does not.

Ibuki Ikaruga

Ibuki is a highschool student, head of the Ikaruga Family and the Assistant Instructor of the Ikaruga Dojo.

Kagome Ikaruga

The youngest of the Ikaruga sisters.

Keita Torigaya

A friend of Ryou Washizu who acts as a sidekick and encourages Ryou's delinquent behaviour.

Lucifer Takatsukasa

The sister of Angela she a retainer to Enbi and serves her with the same devotion Angela has for Tsubasa

Mirei Fukurou

The head of the theater club who has a crush on Yoichi. She is very passionate about the club which causes her to come across as pushy.

Oboro Saginomiya

The founder of the Saginomiya school and master of potions. Her childlike appearance belies her actual age and misanthropic beliefs.

Ryou Washizu

A former boxer and classmate of Yoichi and Ibuki. He has a reputation as a delinquent.

Sakon Saginomiya

The younger sister of Ukyo. She is a master of disguise and potions.

Tokiya Mejiro

The president Yokuryo High School's student council. His dream is to be popular with all the girls in the school.

Tsubasa Tsubame

Tsubasa is a shy girl and the next heir of the martial arts school "Tsubame Tenryu Ryouge". She was originally hired by Ukyou Sakinomiya to assassinate Yoichi.

Ukyou Saginomiya

The head of the Saginomiya clan.

Yoichi Karasuma

A young swordsman who has spent his life in the mountains training with his father. At the prompting of his father he moves to the city but finds himself unprepared for modern life.

Yui Hinagata

An assassin who works for Ukyou Saginomiya. She attempts to get close to Yoichi by giving him a love letter asking for a date.

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